Debut Author Spotlight: August 2018 – Daniel Boone Regional Library

Debut Author Spotlight: August 2018

Summer reading may be over, but don’t let that stop you from checking out these books by debut authors. Please visit our catalog for a complete list of titles.

Vox book coverVox” by Christina Dalcher

A governmental decree that women will now be limited to no more than 100 words per day is just the beginning. Fitted with wristbands that tally their words and provide shocks for overage, soon women aren’t allowed to have jobs and girls are not taught to read or write. More restrictions follow.

Dr. Jean McClellan was a highly recognized cognitive linguist before the government began restricting women’s rights. But when the President’s brother suffers an accident that impairs his brain’s speech functions, Jean is given back some of her freedom — and her voice — to work on a cure. And now that she has her voice back, Jean will stop at nothing to keep herself, her daughter and women everywhere from ever being silenced again.


How Are You Going to Save Yourself” by J.M. HolmesHow are you going to save yourself book cover

A coming of age tale for a group of young black men — Gio, Rolls, Rye and Dub — as they navigate being black in America. Gio recounts his friends’ highs and lows as they make their way into adulthood. There’s Gio, who has the best prospects as he attends Cornell. Then there’s Rolls, who pursues a career as a painter. Rye, failing to achieve his dreams of playing for the NFL, becomes a firefighter. And Dub moves around aimlessly as he tries to find his way.

This novel is an unflinchingly honest look at the realities of race, class and family in America.


The stars no unclaimed book coverThe Stars Now Unclaimed” by Drew Williams

Decades ago, Jane Kamali helped the Justified sect release a pulse that technologically set back the entire universe, wiping out weapons, technology, and leaving some planets without even electricity.

Now Jane is trying to make up for her past by preventing the release of a second pulse. But to stop it, she needs the help of some very special children who developed powers after the initial pulse — including telekinetic Esa. As Jane navigates the dangers of the galaxy, another threat emerges in the Pax — a people who were untouched by the pulse and believe they have the right to rule the galaxy.


The Spy of Venice” by Benet BrandrethThe Spy of Venice book cover

Rhetoric coach to the Royal Shakespeare Company, Brandreth has created a historical thriller that imagines William Shakespeare as an intelligence agent during the seven lost years between his twins’ baptism in 1585 and his appearance on the London theater scene in 1592.

After his wife catches him in an affair, William hightails it out of Stratford-upon-Avon and makes for London. There he falls in with a group of actors and meets Sir Henry Carr, England’s ambassador to Italy. Sir Henry is about to embark on a mission and is looking for actors to be part of the delegation. William signs on and travels to Venice where he encounters many perils, including Catholic assassins.