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Debut Author Spotlight: December 2018

Here we are again. December. The start of the holiday season and the end of another year. It feels like 2018 just rushed by and now it’s definitely beginning to feel a lot like winter. So while you’re huddling under the covers to keep warm, here are some books to keep you company. They are best enjoyed with a dog (or cat) on your lap and a hot beverage of your choice. And, as always, visit our catalog for a longer list of titles (though ’tis the season for publishing to slow down, so the list is only ten books long).

Miss Blaine's book coverMiss Blaine’s Prefect and the Golden Samovar” by Olga Wojtas

A time-travelling murder mystery in which middle-aged librarian Shona McMonagle is recruited by the founder of the Marcia Blaine School for Girls to travel back in time to czarist Russia. As a former head girl at the school, Shona’s education has prepared her for such a mission, with skills ranging from martial arts to country dancing and quantum physics. Her mission: to “prevent a gross miscarriage of romance, and — in any spare time — see to it that only the right people get murdered,” (from the publisher).

Hearts of the Missing” by Carol PotenzaHearts of the Missing book cover

When several members of the Fire-Sky tribe go missing from their reservation in New Mexico and a young woman linked to them commits suicide, reservation police sergeant Nicky Matthews is assigned the case. Nicky is familiar with the traditions and history of the reservation, which aid her in the investigation, even as she deals with departmental politics and personal difficulties. And when her instincts and mystical visions convince her the suicide was actually murder, she runs up against opposition within the force and begins to suspect that her new partner may not be entirely trustworthy.

Frame Up book coverThe Frame-Up” by Meghan Scott Molin

A writer for a comic book company, MG Martin loves all things comics, but real life begins to mirror fiction when someone begins recreating crime scenes from her favorite comic book, The Hooded Falcon. The golden arrow left at the crime scene puzzles the LAPD until MG’s chance encounter with Detective Matteo Kildaire draws her into the investigation. Matteo — who is clueless about pop culture — relies on MG to provide some much needed info about the comic book superhero. MG goes all in, doing a little sleuthing on her own and soon discovers that the Hooded Falcon may not be the only comic book character running around LA. After all, every hero needs a villain.

Hunting Annabelle” by Wendy HeardHunting Annabelle book cover

After spending three years in a psychiatric prison, Sean Suh is determined to suppress his desire to kill and remove himself from temptation. But then he meets Annabelle and feels a connection, believing that she can see the best in him. And then she is kidnapped right in front of him. As the police focus on Sean as the primary suspect, Sean becomes increasingly obsessed with finding Annabelle himself. His investigation only serves to make him look even guiltier, and the pressure to find Annabelle is making it difficult for Sean to represses his violent impulses.


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