Debut Author Spotlight: March 2018 – Daniel Boone Regional Library

Debut Author Spotlight: March 2018

There are so many exciting debuts that came out in March that it was difficult to decide which ones to highlight. If you’re interested in the longer list please visit our catalog.

Tangerine book coverTangerine” by Christine Mangan

After the death of her first husband, Alice escapes her past by marrying again and accompanying her new husband to Tangier, Morocco in the early 1950s. But her past finds her again when her former best friend and college roommate Lucy shows up in Tangier.

Upon learning that Alice is unhappy in her new marriage, Lucy is determined to reestablish her relationship — and her control — over fragile Alice, who she had obsessively loved in college. As Lucy begins to manipulate Alice, more about their tragic past is revealed and it’s hinted that an equally tragic future may be in store for them.

Movie rights have already been sold with George Clooney set to produce and Scarlett Johansson to star as Alice.


The Coincidence Makers” by Yoav BlumCoincidence Makers book cover

What if the coincidences in your life were not coincidences at all, but a series of carefully planned events orchestrated by people whose job it is to direct your life? Meet three of the Coincidence Makers — Guy, Emily and Eric — who are tasked with giving fate a helping hand by building coincidences that lead to love, discovery and other life-changing events.

But when Guy receives a new mission that involves the darker side of coincidence (those leading to tragedy) he beings to question the meaning of fate and free will and wonders whether he can stay in the coincidence game or if it’s time for a new career.


The Reluctant Fortune Teller book coverThe Reluctant Fortune-Teller” by Keziah Frost

Retired, broke and alone, Norbert Zelenka is 73-years-old and relies on his Chihuahua for company. When he catches the attention of Carlotta’s Club — a group of three older women — they decide to make him their new project and establish him as the town’s fortune-teller. They teach Norbert how to read cards, against his better judgment, and it turns out he has a talent for it.

As he gives advice and guidance to his clients, Norbert begins to build new friendships and a sense of belonging. But when a reading with Carlotta’s granddaughter goes badly will Norbert be able to help her through her crisis?


The Feed” by Nick Clark WindoThe Food book cover

In this post-apocalyptic world everyone is linked to the Feed which gives them instant access to information and global events, as well as allowing people to share thoughts, feelings and images. Then tragedy severs everyone’s connection to the Feed and society begins to collapse. People are left in a world without technology in which they no longer know how to function.

Despite the fact that his father created the Feed, Tom has resisted its addiction, giving him an advantage when it collapses. But when his daughter Bea disappears, Tom and his wife Kate struggle to find her in a world that’s no longer connected.