Debut Author Spotlight: May

There’s a lot of new talent coming to shelves near you this month! Check out these promising works by debut authors.

The Scribe of SienaScribe of Siena book cover” by Melodie Winawer

While going through her brother’s Tuscany estate after his death, neurosurgeon Beatrice Trovato is drawn into her brother’s research about the Black Death. She discovers the journal and paintings of Gabriele Accorsi, an artist who was at the heart of a 700-year-old plot to destroy the city of Siena.

Confronted by an image of her own face in one of his paintings, Beatrice is pulled back in medieval Italy only a few months before the plague sweeps across the country. And when Beatrice meets and falls in love with Accorsi, she is forced to decide in which century she truly belongs.

The Garden of Small Beginnings” by Abbi WaxmanGarden of Small Beginnings book cover

Three years ago Lilian Gervan’s husband died in a car accident, leaving her a widow and a single mother to their two daughters. Now she is finally beginning to feel like she’s gotten her life back under control.

Then her boss sends her to a community gardening class as research for a book she is illustrating. There, accompanied by her sister and daughters, she discovers a unique group of gardeners and a patient instructor that just might remind her of what it’s like to fall in love.

Ginny Moon book coverGinny Moon” by Benjamin Ludwig

A coming-of-age story about Ginny Moon, a young girl with autism who, after moving around in the foster system has finally found a home with adoptive parents who love her. But when Ginny becomes fixated on the baby doll she left behind when she was taken from her abusive birth mother, her behavior becomes increasingly erratic.

Ginny hatches a plan to retrieve her baby doll and escape with her birth mother and the father she never knew. Meanwhile, her adoptive parents are struggling to forge an emotional bond with their new daughter and decide how best to care for her.

Other books by authors making their debuts this month: