Debut Author Spotlight: October

Here’s a look at some of the most exciting books being published by first-time authors in November.

The Last Mrs. Parrish” by Liv ConstantineThe Last Mrs. Parrish book cover

Philanthropist Daphne Parrish and her husband Jackson live a life of wealth and power — the life that invisible Amber Patterson craves. Her envy of Daphne drives her determination to manipulate her way into the life she deserves. Amber insinuates herself into the family’s life, befriending their daughters and becoming Daphne’s friend and confidante all the while growing closer to Jackson. But when a part of her past is revealed, her carefully constructed plan threatens to crumble around her.


Mr. Dickens and His Carol book coverMr. Dickens and His Carol” by Samantha Silva

In this charming imagining of how Dickens came to write “A Christmas Story,” Charles Dickens is having a difficult Christmas: his latest novel isn’t selling and his publishers are demanding that he write a Christmas story to keep them from losing money. Dickens reluctantly sets out to write the story, but finds he has no idea where to begin. A late night walk during which he encounters an unlikely muse brings back his Christmas spirit and sparks the inspiration he needs to write the holiday classic.


Lady Jayne Disappears” by Joanna Davidson PolitanoLady Jayne book cover

Aurelie Harcourt has spent her life in debtor’s prison with her father, but his death casts her out and leaves her at the mercy of his wealthy, estranged family. His only legacies to Aurelie are his pen name as the famous novelist Nathaniel Droll and the mystery of Lady Jayne’s disappearance twenty years before. Believing Lady Jayne to be her mother, Aurelie is determined to solve the mystery and finish her father’s final novel.


Uncommon Type book coverUncommon Type” by Tom Hanks

Actor Tom Hanks makes his authorial debut with this diverse collection of short stories tied together by typewriters, which feature in each story to varying extents. These stories cover a wide swath of characters and situations, and are sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, but always full of heart.

Other October debuts: