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Debut Author Spotlight: October 2018

Fall is finally here and, more importantly, fall weather! It’s time to welcome the cooler temps by curling up with a hot beverage, a furry pet and a good book. If you’re looking for something to keep you warm, try one of these cozy novels by debut authors. And if cozy isn’t your style, check out our list of all the debut author titles new this month.


The Travelling Cat Chronicles book coverThe Travelling Cat Chronicles” by Hiro Arikawa

After several years together, Satoru has determined he needs to find a new home for his adopted stray cat Nana, although Nana is unsure why. The two friends head off on a road trip across Japan, meeting up with friends from Satoru’s past. However, finding an owner who is just the right fit for Nana proves to be an adventure for the two friends. Told through Nana’s sassy point of view as well as flashbacks to Satoru’s past, this charming book is already a bestseller in Japan.


A Crafter Knits a Clue” by Holly QuinnCrafter Knits a Clue book cover

Returning to her hometown for her best friend Kate’s funeral, Sammy Kane decides to stay and take over Kate’s craft store. Not long after, Sammy wanders down to the new yarn store opening nearby and finds its owner murdered. The weapon? A knitting needle. Eager to solve the murder, and help out the handsome detective Liam Nash, Sammy resurrects her childhood detective club — the other members being her cousin Heidi and sister Ellie. But even as Liam tries protect her by keeping her out of the investigation, Sammy and her club are well on their way to putting all the clues together and solving the murder.


Fromage a Trois book coverFromage à Trois” by Victoria Brownlee

Heartbroken and looking for a change, Ella buys a one-way ticket to Paris where she plans to sample all the city has to offer. Once there, she ends up washing dishes part-time at a coffee shop where she meets Serge, who just happens to work at a fromagerie. He bets her that she can’t try all the different types of French cheese in a year, setting Ella off on a tasting spree. And then she meets Gaston and finds herself torn between the two Frenchmen in her life.


Death in Paris” by Emilia BernhardDeath in Paris book cover

American in Paris Rachel Levis has lived in the City of Lights for over two decades and is happily married when she learns that her former lover, Edgar, has been found drowned in his bowl of soup due to an apparent heart attack. And when, at the funeral, she hears a suspicious clue (involving a bottle of rosé) she decides to investigate. Rachel and fellow American ex-pat Magda dive into the case, determined to solve what they believe to be Edgar’s murder.