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Growing Up on the Spectrum: Docs Featuring Kids With Autism

Growing up can be challenging, and it can be tougher if you have to deal with autism. Seeing how others on the spectrum deal with triumphs and tribulations can help build confidence for both kids and their families. Check out these docs featuring kids with autism.

The Horse Boy dvd CoverThe Horse Boy” (2010)

When 2-year-old Rowan was diagnosed with autism, Rupert Isaacson and his wife Kristin sought the best possible medical care, but traditional therapies had little effect. They discovered that Rowan has a profound affinity for animals, particularly horses, and the family set off on a quest that would change their lives forever.

Swim Team DVD coverSwim Team” (2017)

The parents of a boy on the autism spectrum form a competitive swim team, recruiting teens on the spectrum and training them with high expectations and zero pity. Watch the extraordinary rise of the Jersey Hammerheads, capturing a moving quest for inclusion, independence and a life that feels winning.

Autism the Musical DVD coverAutism: The Musical” (2008)

Follows the extraordinary and innovative acting coach Elaine Hall, five autistic children and their parents as they improbably, heroically mount a full-length original stage production. Through trial and error, tears and laughter, these incredible families learn to communicate their feelings in song and performance, finding solace and joy in the act of creating.

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