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Handmade Gifts for the Holidays

I enjoy making gifts. I’ve made big things such as quilts and small things like ornaments. I’ve made things out of fabric and things that are edible. I’ve put together photo albums and scrapbooks. When I make a gift, I can personalize it and design it to reflect the interests of the recipient. This year I made book bags for my grandchildren and felt ornaments for several family members. I have plans to make cookie dough bon-bons for my daughter-in-law who loves chocolate chip cookie dough. It’s not too late for you to make something to give this season. Check out some of these books from the library for inspiration:

Cookie Dough Lover's Cookbook coverIf you like to cook, try “Favorite Brand Name Gifts from the Christmas Kitchen” or “The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook.” The latter contains the recipe for cookie dough bon-bons. The original recipe covers the dough in melted chocolate. I roll mine in cocoa powder instead. It’s faster, easier, and they still taste great!

For those that are environmentally-minded, be sure to check out “A Greener Christmas,” complete with instructions for a cotton bag and felt ornaments.

Simple Gifts book coverSimple Gifts” by Jennifer Worick includes instructions for items made of fiber, fabric, paper and wood, as well as recipes for edibles and hand-crafted body lotions.

I’ve seen a variety of ready-made gift baskets in the stores. Why not try putting together one of your own, personalized for the recipient. “Jazzy Gift Baskets” by Marie Browning shows you how, with suggestions for gifts for kids, gardeners, hobbyists, movie lovers and foodies, to name just a few.

100 Pretty Little Projects

Handcrafted Gifts” includes instructions for items sewn, knitted, painted, embroidered, or created out of clay, glass, paper or wood.

For small, fairly quick sewing projects try “Pretty Little Potholders” or “100 Pretty Little Projects: Pincushions, Potholders, Purses, Pillows, & More.

If you’re ready to start planning for next year and want to tackle a big project, why not turn someone’s favorite t-shirts into a quilt. “T-Shirt Quilts Made Easy” by Martha DeLeonardis and “The T-shirt Quilt Book: Create One-of-a-kind Keepsakes” by Lindsay Conner explain how.

Have fun creating something that a friend or family member will enjoy receiving!


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