Ice Cream Sandwiches to the Rescue!

photo of s'mores ice cream sandwich

It is now mid-August, which to me, is the reverse equivalent of mid-February. Rather than being done in by the dark and cold, the wicked heat and humidity is taking its toll on me. Do summer dog days have you down and dragging around, too? What are your remedies?

In my quest to find answers to life’s weather challenges, besides the classic of swimming to cool off and shift my mood, I’ve decided to have an Ice Cream Sandwich Party (even if a little past the August 2 day of national celebration). It will be a sweet little package to dangle before me so I can move in the direction of Autumn with a better attitude. And I want to share this with those dear to me, and who are also feeling weary, because, truly ice cream sandwiches are more fun to eat, and they taste better, when eaten with a group of friends and family.

I Scream Sandwich book coverThe first documented ice cream sandwich came from the Bowery in New York City. Born in 1899 from a food cart operated by an unknown man selling them hand over fist, the nascent frozen treat sold for a penny a piece. It’s no wonder this novel cold confection, sister (or brother!) to the ice cream cone, was an instant success. Its appeal was in its portability and the blissful taste bud experience it provided — the marriage of luscious, sweet, soft ice cream insides with the crispy or chewy cookie or biscuit outsides.

Cool Haus book coverI found this recipe online last year and I’ve been eyeing it long enough! I’ll make these ice cream sandwiches to serve, offered from a pretty platter. I will also bake some brownie slabs to use as foundations (and roofs) for guests to customize their own sandwiches with their favorite pints of ice cream they’ll be asked to bring. I’ll throw in a few pitchers of iced tea, et voila! — a much needed bit of relief from summer’s sweaty haze!


Image credit: Joy, S’mores Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich via Flickr (license)