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July LibraryReads: Top Ten Books Librarians Love

LibraryReads logoThere are plenty of dystopian novels to read, but what about one from the point of view of an Amish farmer, who, after a solar storm, witnesses the downfall of society? Thrillers make great summer reading, and luckily there are a few new ones to check out. July also seems to be the month for books with “sister” in the title — such an interesting trend! Read on to find out the top ten books that librarians across the country recommend:

When the English Fall book coverWhen the English Fall” by David Williams

“’When the English Fall’ offers a new perspective on apocalyptic fiction, written from the point of view of an Amish farmer named Jacob. Part insight into Amish culture, part dystopian novel, the story follows the days leading up to a solar storm and its aftermath. Jacob lives a peaceful life with his family. As events unfold outside of the community, he becomes witness to his English neighbors’ unraveling. Jacob and his family, already accustomed to a life without modern conveniences, must decide what course of action they will take, and what assistance they will provide to their English neighbors.”
~Sara Kennedy, Delaware County District Library, Delaware, OH

Hello, Sunshine book coverHello, Sunshine” by Laura Dave

“Sunshine’s entire world comes crashing down on, of all days, her birthday. What I love about Sunshine is that she exudes confidence even when she shows up at her estranged sister’s home with only the things that fit in her car. Sunshine formulates a plan and sees it through. She completely embraces the only job available in her new path to greatness. I found myself rooting for her from the very beginning and I couldn’t wait to read what she was up to next. I loved this novel. I’m a big fan of this author!”
~Melissa Barber, Lubbock Public Library, Lubbock, TX

The Wildling Sisters book coverThe Wildling Sisters” by Eve Chase

“In 1959, the Wilde sisters spend the summer at Applecote, a country manor, with their aunt and uncle who are still reeling after the disappearance of their daughter Audrey. The spirit of Audrey is everywhere and the sisters’ close bonds are tested with secrets and jealousies. Fifty years later, Jesse and her family move back to Applecote, hoping for a fresh start. Their transition is not smooth and they are swept up into the old mystery. A page turning, suspenseful novel with richly created characters, a twisting plot and a gothic setting. A delicious, shivery tale!”
~Judy Sebastian, Eastham Public Library, Eastham, MA

Watch Me DisappearWatch Me Disappear” by Janelle Brown

“Billie is a beloved and loving wife and mother to Jonathan and Olive — or so they believe. Her disappearance while hiking dredges up secrets about Billie’s radical past, doubts about how well either of them knew the woman around whom their lives revolved and questions about whether Billie is even dead … or simply vanished. Hand this one to fans of domestic thrillers like ‘The Woman in Cabin 10 or ‘The Couple Next Door.’ They won’t be disappointed.”
~Donna Maturri, Pickerington Public Library, Pickerington, OH

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