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Nonfiction Roundup: December 2018

Here is a quick look at the most noteworthy nonfiction titles being released this December. Visit our catalog for a more extensive list.

Top Picks

Point of it All book coverThe Point of It All: A Lifetime of Great Loves and Endeavors” by Charles Krauthammer
For longtime readers and newcomers alike, “The Point of It All” is a timely and much needed demonstration of what it means to cut through the noise of petty politics with clarity, integrity and intellectual fortitude. The book is a reminder of what made Charles Krauthammer the most celebrated American columnist and political thinker of his generation, a look at the man behind the words, and a lasting testament to his belief that anyone with an open and honest mind can grapple deeply with the most urgent questions in politics and life.

6 Keys book cover

The 6 Keys: Unlock Your Genetic Potential for Ageless Strength, Health, and Beauty” by Jillian Michaels
With “Master Your Metabolism,” Jillian Michaels showed us how to take control of the metabolic machinery underneath our weight and health struggles. Now she’s ahead of the curve again — conquering the mayhem, myths, and misunderstandings associated with aging. After all, if you can decide your weight, why not your age?

Kitchen Yarns book coverKitchen Yarns: Notes on Life, Love, and Food” by Ann Hood
In this warm collection of personal essays and recipes, best-selling author Ann Hood nourishes both our bodies and our souls. Hood tracks her lifelong journey in the kitchen with twenty-seven heartfelt essays, each accompanied by a recipe (or a few). In “Carbonara Quest,” searching for the perfect spaghetti helped her cope with lonely nights as a flight attendant. In the award-winning essay “The Golden Silver Palate,” she recounts the history of her fail-safe dinner party recipe for Chicken Marbella — and how it did fail her when she was falling in love. Hood’s simple, comforting recipes also include her mother’s famous meatballs, hearty Italian Beef Stew, classic Indiana Fried Chicken, the perfect grilled cheese, and a deliciously summery peach pie.

The Great War in America book coverThe Great War in America: World War I and Its Aftermath” by Garrett Peck
A chronicle of the American experience during World War I and the unexpected changes that rocked the country in its immediate aftermath — the Red Scare, race riots, women’s suffrage, and Prohibition. The Great War’s bitter outcome left the experience largely overlooked and forgotten in American history. This timely book is a reexamination of America’s first global experience as we commemorate World War I’s centennial.

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