Way to the Top: Docs Featuring Musicians Rising From Obscurity

Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 by Dewey Decimal Diver

Breaking a Monster still from filmMany musicians start out small and rise to be successful, but that process is not always captured on film. Check out these documentaries featuring musicians rising from obscurity.

Breaking a Monster dvd cover

Breaking a Monster” (2015)

Three grade schoolers spend their weekends playing heavy metal/speed punk in Times Square as Unlocking the Truth. After the band achieves internet fame, the boys are confronted with the realities that come with being rock stars. The documentary chronicles their first year, as the band enters the very adult world of touring, managers and contracts.

Presenting Princess Shaw dvd coverPresenting Princess Shaw” (2016)

Princess Shaw placed her dreams on YouTube. Then they became a reality. This is the extraordinary true story of an aspiring musician down on her luck, who inspired internationally famous YouTube artist Kutiman to create a magical collaboration that would bring her music to a whole new audience.

Don't Stop Believing dvd coverDon’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey” (2013)

This film follows the real life rock ‘n’ roll fairy tale of Filipino Arnel Pineda, who was plucked from YouTube to become the front man for iconic American rock band Journey. Having overcome a lifetime’s worth of hardships, he must now navigate the pressures of replacing a legendary singer and leading a world-renowned band on their most extensive world tour in years.