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Reader Review: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

DBRL Next - September 5, 2014

Editor’s note: This review was submitted by a library patron during the 2014 Adult Summer Reading program. We will continue to periodically share some of these reviews throughout the year.

Book cover for A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty SmithA Tree Grows in Brooklyn” is about life, family and resilience in the early 1900s (In Brooklyn). Despite the departure in time and location from my present existence, it resonated with me. Smith’s character development was rich and truthful. Characters were not portrayed as foes or heroines, just people. It’s nice to read something without an overt slant or agenda or predictable plot.

Three words that describe this book: genuine, rich, fulfilling

You might want to pick this book up if: you love people and how they interact. This is a story of resilience.


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Books for Dudes – Every Day

DBRLTeen - September 5, 2014

Every Day,” by David Leviathan, challenges how we think of a main protagonist. This story is about A, who wakes up in a different body every single day. A tries to live each person’s life as they would or, at the very least, to not interfere at all and go unnoticed.  A is a unique character, as there’s no real assigned gender – sometimes A is a boy, sometimes A is a girl. Both genders feel natural.

Every Day, by David LevithanWhile every day is different, A’s life has a certain regularity until falling for a girl named Rhiannon. After making this fateful connection, A’s life changes…whether boy or girl, A tries to get whatever body being inhabited back to spend time with Rhiannon, telling her the secret of A’s life…and A wants Rhiannon to love him/her every day, regardless of whose body is being inhabited.

Obviously, this relationship doesn’t make things easy for Rhiannon, as she tries to adjust to seeing a different face every day. In addition to the romantic conflict, a mysterious reverend is trying to find out more about A, and the “why” infuses the story with an increased sense of danger and urgency.

This story really made me think about A’s predicament. If you go to Amazon or Goodreads, A is assigned a “he,” although in the story itself, there’s no assigned gender. A has been switching bodies every day since birth. And how would it feel to inhabit the body of someone else, even someone we knew, for a day? Would we be tempted  to nose around in people’s lives, to make changes?  Could we possibly still value their privacy, as A tries to do?

Every Day” is not easy (you’ll be pondering all sorts of scenarios in this book), but it is a really good read. I would love to know what happens next at the end of this novel, which usually is one indicator of a good story. Check it out and see what you think!

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Stan Lee Wants You to Get a Library Card

DBRL Next - September 3, 2014

National Library Card Sign-up Month Poster featuring Stan LeeSeptember is the National Library Card Month (chaired this year by comic creator Stan Lee), and libraries across the country want you to know that one of the most important back-to-school supplies is a library card. It’s also the cheapest (i.e., free), and getting your hands on one doesn’t require fighting the hoards at a big box store.

Since this is a library blog, I’m preaching to the choir here. You, dear reader, already have a library card. (If you know someone who doesn’t, encourage them to apply for one in person or online.) But did you know the range of tools and materials you have access to with that card? Not only can you get books, but your library card is also your ticket for free access to:

Mr. Lee says it best: “The smartest card in my wallet? It’s a library card.”

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Voting Begins for “Teens’ Top Ten”

DBRLTeen - September 3, 2014

Vote for the “Teens’ Top Ten!”

The “Teens’ Top Ten” is a list of recommended reading sponsored by the Young Adult Library Services Association. In fact, it’s the only reading list with titles nominated and voted on by teens.

How does it work?

  • Sixteen young adult book clubs from libraries nationwide are responsible for narrowing down a list of nominees for teens to consider. (Does your book club want to get involved? Learn how.)
  • Based on the recommendations of these teen book clubs, the list of this year’s 28 nominees was announced in April during National Library Week.
  • Throughout the summer months, teens are encouraged to read as many of these titles as humanly possible.
  • Readers ages 12-18 are invited to vote on their three favorite books through September 15.
  • During Teen Read Week, October 12-18, the 10 most popular titles will be announced as the official 2014 “Teens’ Top Ten” list. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog updates to have this and other teen book news delivered to your email inbox!

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One Read Film Events — September 2014

Center Aisle Cinema - September 2, 2014

Daniel Boone Regional Library is sponsoring various films this month in conjunction with the One Read program. This year’s book is The Boys in the Boat by Daniel Brown, which is a  is an uplifting and fast-paced Cinderella story.


The Rape of Europa” 
Friday, September 5, 2014 • 7-9:30 p.m.
106 Lefevre Hall, University of Missouri

As part of our exploration of the 1930s during this year’s One Read program, view this fascinating documentary which uses historic footage and interviews to tell the epic story of the destruction, theft and rescue of the great artworks of Europe during World War II. As Nazis loot and pillage, those dedicated to saving the art do everything in their power to protect it, including emptying the Louvre and evacuating the Hermitage. Directed by Richard Berge, Bonni Cohen and Nicole Newnham and narrated by Joan Allen. The film will be introduced by the Museum of Art and Archaeology’s director, Alex Barker.

monumentsmenMonuments Men” 
Tuesday, September 9, 2014 • 7 p.m.
William Woods University Library Auditorium

Based on a true story, this feature film follows a World War II platoon as they track down art stolen by the Nazis and return the masterpieces to their rightful owners. Following the film, Dr. Greg Smith, WWU associate professor of English and film, will lead a discussion about the movie and the University of Washington’s crew team’s experiences at the 1936 Berlin Olympic games, as recounted in this year’s One Read selection, “The Boys in the Boat.”


Wednesday, September 17, 2014 • 6:30 p.m.
Columbia Public Library – Friends Room

Before Bob Costas, there was Marty Glickman. A gifted Jewish-American athlete who was denied the chance to represent the U.S. at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, he went on to become one of the most revered and influential sportscasters in history, pioneering many of the techniques, phrases and programming innovations that are commonplace in sports reporting today. This HBO documentary directed by James L. Freedman is a companion to our One Read book, “The Boys in the Boat,” a story of the U.S. crew team 1936 Olympics.


King of the Hill
Monday, September 22, 2014 • 5:30 p.m.
Ragtag Cinema, 10 Hitt St.

As part of One Read, enjoy a free screening of the historical drama “King of the Hill,” directed by Steven Soderbergh. This film, shot in St. Louis and set in the 1930s, Depression-era Midwest, contains echos of Joe Rantz, the central character of “The Boys in the Boat.” It follows a young boy as he struggles on his own in a run-down motel after his parents and younger brother are separated from him. (Rated PG-13, 103 min.)


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On the Water

DBRL Next - August 29, 2014

Book cover for Perfect WavesMy family is lucky to own a beachfront home on Lake Michigan, an amazing place. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it?  Well, it has lots of quirks.  We have had floods, erosion and falling trees. But the lake has its own kind of magic. When we were there on a recent trip, the water was in the low sixties. Despite the cold, we all ended up boating, kayaking and swimming.

When I was a child it seemed like every summer day was spent in a river, lake, pond or puddle. If I ever need to get away, I find myself near water. The sounds, smells and rhythm of water soothe my soul. This year’s One Read book, Daniel James Brown’s “The Boys in the Boat,” captures the magical properties of water much more eloquently than I do. If you cannot get to the water, below is a list of books that have images to help you imagine.

For even more views of being “On the Water,” join us for a One Read art exhibit at Orr Street Studios in Columbia, on display September 7 – 20, with a reception on September 9.

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The One Read 2014 Event Calendar is Here!

One Read - August 29, 2014

OR-2014-insert-coverThe full line-up of this year’s One Read programs is now available! Pick up a copy at any library branch or bookmobile, or see our online guide.

We have a wide range of exciting programs scheduled for the coming weeks as we explore the themes and topics in Daniel James Brown’s book, “The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.” We will even have a visit from the author himself on September 30.

Join us in September for:

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Registration Dates for Upcoming ACT & SAT Exams

DBRLTeen - August 29, 2014

Standardized TestThe registration deadlines are fast approaching for those planning to take the next round of ACT and SAT exams.

  • Registration for the October 25 ACT exam is due Friday, September 19. Sign-up online.
  • Registration for the November 8 SAT exam is due Thursday, October 9. Sign-up online.

If you would like to know more about testing locations, exam costs and fee waivers, please visit our  online guide to SAT/ACT preparation. The library also has a wide selection of printed ACT and SAT test guides for you to borrow.

Our most popular resource for test-takers, though, is LearningExpress Library. Through this website, you may take free online practice tests for the ACT or SAT exam. To access LearningExpress Library, you will need to login using your DBRL library card number. Your PIN is your birthdate (MMDDYYYY).  If you have questions or encounter difficulties logging in, please call  (800) 324-4806.

Finally, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog updates for regular reminders of upcoming test registration deadlines!

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Review: Dominion by C.J. Sansom

DBRL Next - August 27, 2014

Book cover for Dominion by CJ SansomOn a recent day trip to the Omnimax theater at the St. Louis Science Center to see a film about D-Day, my father-in-law commented on how things might be now if Germany won the war. His comment struck a chord, reminding me of a book that I had recently learned of – C.J. Sansom’s alternate history, “Dominion.” This alternative history imagines a world in which World War II has not occurred.

Great Britain, still reeling from the war torn years of WWI, finds itself under the leadership of Lord Halifax rather than Winston Churchill. This single act drastically changes the world that would have been had WWII been allowed to play out. Author C.J. Sansom sets “Dominion” in the early 1950s, over a decade after a 1940 truce between the two nations. Great Britain now finds itself more and more under the control of its Fascist alli. During that decade, European Jews and now British Jews are gathered and shipped off to camps, under the guise of separating the races. In fact, they are being exterminated, as Nazis attempt to create a “pure” empire.

Sansom focuses his story on the growing resistance movement that fights relentlessly to overthrow the German regime that has infiltrated Great Britain. He follows David, a civil servant, who also happens to be working as a spy for the resistance; Sarah, David’s wife, and a pacifist; Frank, a college friend of David’s who holds a secret the Nazis will kill to get their hands on; and Gunther, the SS officer sent to capture Frank. “Dominion” is told from their various perspectives.

I loved the depth brought to the story as its perspective moved back and forth between these rich and compelling characters. Sansom’s research is also highly evident, particularly in his notes section at the book’s end. So although this is an alternative history, it is chock full of people who did exist. Sansom even incorporates other aspects of history into the story that add to its realism. For example, he includes a true fog event that occurred during the very time period during which the novel is set, which ultimately impacts the events that occur within the novel. Sansom’s extensive research truly creates a world that could have existed if the events of 1940 had gone differently.

“Dominion” is a great read for anyone who loves a thriller, but readers of historical fiction may find it satisfying as well thanks to all the research and real history found throughout the story. And for those of us who enjoy learning about history, but also enjoy pondering “what if,” it is certainly a book that does not disappoint. (And for those who are intrigued by the idea of reading alternative histories, the library owns several beyond this title. Check out some that you may enjoy reading by browsing our catalog.)

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Upcoming Teen Game Nights

DBRLTeen - August 26, 2014

Wii U Dance-OffPizza
Wednesday, September 17, 2:45-5 p.m.
Think you have the best dance moves? Prove it! Bring your moves and your friends to this fun dance competition using “Just Dance” on the Wii U. We’ll have treats and other goodies. Grades 6-8. No registration required.

Wii U Family Game Night
Columbia Public Library
Thursday September 18, 6:00 p.m.
Drop in to try out the library’s Wii U game console. Become a dancing superstar in “Just Dance 4″ or a bowling champion playing “Wii Sports.” Pizza served. Ages 10 and older. Parents welcome. Registration begins Tuesday, September 2. To sign up, please call (573) 443-3161.

Originally published at Upcoming Teen Game Nights.

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New DVD: “Maidentrip”

Center Aisle Cinema - August 25, 2014


We recently added “Maidentrip” to the DBRL collection. The film was shown last year at the Citizen Jane Film Festival and currently has a rating of 82% from audiences at Rotten Tomatoes. Here’s a synopsis from our catalog:

Fourteen-year-old Laura Dekker sets out, camera in hand, on a two-year voyage in pursuit of her dream to be the youngest person ever to sail around the world alone. In the wake of a year-long battle with Dutch authorities that sparked a global storm of media scrutiny, Laura now finds herself far from land, family and unwanted attention, exploring the world in search of freedom, adventure, and distant dreams of her early youth at sea.

Check out the film trailer or the official film site for more info.

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Top Ten Books Librarians Love: The September 2014 List

DBRL Next - August 25, 2014

Library Reads logoSeptember is upon us! Time to get serious and hit the books. This month’s list of recommended titles from LibraryReads leaves behind the lighter fare of summer and includes some heavy-hitting literary fiction, as well as a book that stares death in the face. Here are the top 10 books being published in September that librarians love.

Book cover for Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by Caitlin DoughtySmoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory
by Caitlin Doughty
“Part memoir, part exposé of the death industry, and part instruction manual for aspiring morticians. First-time author Doughty has written an attention-grabbing book that is sure to start some provocative discussions. Fans of Mary Roach’s ‘Stiff’ and anyone who enjoys an honest, well-written autobiography will appreciate this quirky story.”
Patty Falconer, Hampstead Public Library, Hampstead, NH

Book cover for Station Eleven by Emily St. John MandelStation Eleven
by Emily St. John Mandel
“An actor playing King Lear dies onstage just before a cataclysmic event changes the future of everyone on Earth. What will be valued and what will be discarded? Will art have a place in a world that has lost so much? What will make life worth living? These are just some of the issues explored in this beautifully written dystopian novel. Recommended for fans of David Mitchell, John Scalzi and Kate Atkinson.”
Janet Lockhart, Wake County Public Libraries, Cary, NC

Book cover for The Secret Place by Tana FrenchThe Secret Place
by Tana French
“French has broken my heart yet again with her fifth novel, which examines the ways in which teenagers and adults can be wily, calculating and backstabbing, even with their friends. The tension-filled flashback narratives, relating to a murder investigation in suburban Dublin, will keep you turning pages late into the night.”
Alison McCarty, Nassau County Public Library System, Callahan, FL

And here is the rest of the list with links to our catalog so you can place holds on these on-order titles.

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Photo Contest: People’s Choice Award Winner

DBRLTeen - August 23, 2014
Greta Cross, "Runaway Bride"

Greta Cross, “Runaway Bride”

At the conclusion of our photo contest, we prepare for the launch of our next competition which will be a book cover contest. To celebrate Teen Read Week, we want to see what new covers you can dream up for your favorite book. Teens can submit original artwork by Friday, October 17 for a chance to win a Barnes & Noble gift card. Find contest rules and submission guidelines after Monday, September 8 at

Earlier in August we asked our patrons to choose the “People’s Choice” award winner by “liking” their photographs on the library’s Facebook page. Winner Greta Cross received nearly 90 votes for her submission, “Runaway Bride.” She will receive a $20 gift card to Barnes and Noble as her award.

Congratulations to all our winners and many thanks to our talented teen patrons for their participation! To receive email reminders about our upcoming Teen Book Cover Contest, be sure to register for our blog updates!

© All rights to the photographs contained herein reserved by their respective photographers.

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Festivals for Local History Buffs

DBRL Next - August 22, 2014

Photo courtesy of Missouri Division of Tourism via FlickrIf you’re into local history and festivals, you’re in luck.

September 13 and 14, be a part of the Battle of Centralia reenactment weekend. Held in in Centralia, Missouri, this event commemorates the 150th anniversary of the fight between Federal troops and Confederate “Bloody Bill” Anderson and his men. In addition to the reenactment, enjoy two full days of activities, including music, crafts, food vendors, Civil War historians, dancing and night firing of Civil War cannons! Visit the Friends of Centralia Battlefield’s website for more information.

The following weekend will be the 37th Annual Heritage Festival & Craft Show on the grounds of the Boone County Historical Society outside the Maplewood Home in historic Nifong Park. This annual event will be even more special this year with tours of the completed homes in the village just behind the museum. More reenactments of the “good ole days” will also be included, with artisans and tradespeople dressed in 19th century attire demonstrating their trades and selling their wares. On the Maplewood Home’s porch will be booths sharing information about the Boone County Historical Society and the Genealogical Society of Central Missouri.

In October, the 2014 inductees to the Boone County Hall of Fame will be celebrated at the historical society’s annual reception. The Boone County Hall of Fame honors some of the area’s individuals and organizations “whose contributions of talent and ingenuity made an impact on Boone County’s past, helping it to become the progressive and thriving county it is today.” This year’s honorees are writer Warren Dalton; attorney Don Sanders, a key figure in the Watergate investigation, former Boone County Commissioner and past president of the Boone County Historical Society; and Little Dixie Construction. This event is a fundraiser for the Walters History Museum.

If you love local festivals of all types, here are some other events to add to your calendar this fall. Crafts, music, food – Mid-Mo has you covered.

photo credit: Missouri Division of Tourism via photopin cc

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Photo Contest Winner: Portrait Division

DBRLTeen - August 22, 2014
Lucas Desmit, "The Curious Dog"

Lucas Desmit, “The Curious Dog”

Did you know that with our new digital service, Hoopla, you can watch videos or listen to music and audiobooks with your computer or mobile device? It’s like Netflix, but free!

Hoopla allows us to offer streaming music, movies and TV shows for the first time. Plus, you’ll never have to wait on any item through Hoopla because more than one person can access the same movie, album or audiobook at the same time.

Download the free Hoopla mobile app on your Android or iOS device to begin enjoying thousands of titles from major film studios, recording companies and publishers. Hoopla items can also be streamed through your computer’s Web browser. Additionally, the library provides free downloadable YA titles and magazines through our Overdrive and Zinio services!

And now, we are pleased to announce the winner among those contestants competing in the Portrait division: Lucas Desmit. He will receive a $20 gift card to Barnes and Noble as his award.

Tomorrow we wrap-up our Teen Photography Contest by recognizing the winner of the “People’s Choice” award.

Gallery of Portrait Submissions

© All rights to the photographs contained herein reserved by their respective photographers.

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Docs Around Town: Aug. 22 – Aug. 28

Center Aisle Cinema - August 21, 2014


August 27: If You Build It” 5:30 p.m. at  Ragtag, free. (via)

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Photo Contest: Nature Division Winner (Ages 14-18)

DBRLTeen - August 21, 2014
Hunter Dougan, "Reflection that Captured Dragonflies"

Hunter Dougan, “Reflection that Captured Dragonflies”

Today we continue to recognize the winners in our “Spark a Reaction” Teen Photography Contest. The library received 40 eligible entries and contestants were separated into four separate divisions:

Contestants have been judged on the following criteria:

  • Composition, the overall arrangement of elements within the photo.
  • The use of color, light and shadow to capture the image.
  • The creative interpretation of their chosen theme (portrait, nature or artistic showcase).

And now, we are pleased to announce the winner among those contestants ages 14-18 competing in the Nature division: Hunter Dougan. He says, “I liked the look of the reflection of the clouds in the water with my shadow and then noticed the dragonflies.” Hunter will receive a $20 gift card to Barnes and Noble as his award.

Join us tomorrow as we announce the winner among those entries submitted for the Portrait division.

Gallery of Portrait Submissions

© All rights to the photographs contained herein reserved by their respective photographers.

Originally published at Photo Contest: Nature Division Winner (Ages 14-18).

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Too Hot To Cook? Then Don’t!

DBRL Next - August 20, 2014

Photo of Pan Bagnet by Kevin via FlickrOkay, admittedly, this has been one of the coolest summers in mid-Missouri in a long time, but we’ve still had plenty of hot days. Without all that summer sunshine and heat we wouldn’t have the produce bounty we’re lucky to have here in the Midwest – fat juicy tomatoes, cantaloupes, sweet corn, cucumbers, bushy bunches of basil, peaches, watermelon, okra, eggplant and on and on, all wonderfully and locally available. This appeal is obvious if you attend farmers’ markets – they are teeming with people scouting for the freshest picked and most flavorful fruits and vegetables.  That said, as the days of summer wear on and the heat and humidity debilitate, preparing meals over a hot stove and heating up the house drops way down on the list of my favorite things to do. Is that true for you? Well, if so, fear not. You can eat well without cooking (or cooking very little). When the temperatures rise, it’s time to resort to chilled soups, smoothies, saladssandwiches and other raw food recipes to feed yourself and your family. DBRL’s collection is replete with cookbooks featuring these “un-cooked” meals.

One of my boys’ all-time favorite meals is Pan-Bagnat (pronunciation: pan ban-YAH).  It is essentially a salad Nicoise (from the Nice area of France) on a crusty roll, packed with lots of goodies that can be varied – tuna, hard-boiled eggs, Greek olives, slivered red onion, tomatoes and provolone – drizzled with olive oil or pesto. It’s a complete meal in and of itself and so easy to make and divinely delicious to eat. I really ought to make it more often. We packed this treat along with some fresh bing cherries and orangeade kombucha for a recent bike ride picnic, and everyone went home with happy taste buds and satisfied bellies.

Another nice aspect to leaving the stove behind and focusing on these cooler meals is that they tend to involve less time in the making, leaving more time for other activities, like going for a swim – another great way to take the edge off the heat.

photo credit: Kevandy via photopin cc

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Photo Contest: Nature Division Winner (Ages 12-13)

DBRLTeen - August 20, 2014
Ethan Mott, "Morning Dew"

Ethan Mott, “Morning Dew”

Our teen blog not only provides access to the library’s helpful online resources, but it also serves as a gallery for our creative teen patrons. In addition to our Homework Help databases and ACT/SAT test prep guides, be sure to check out our two published booklets of “Flash Fiction” short stories and our teen photography showcase. Subscribe to our blog updates and get news of upcoming writing and photography contests delivered directly to your inbox!

Today, DBRLTeen is excited to announce that Ethan Mott is the winner among those contestants ages 12-13 competing in the Nature division. When asked about his photo, “Morning Dew,” he explained, “Dew on grass in the early morning is somewhat unique. Seeing a dew drop up-close gives you a better look at the world in a small sense.”

Ethan will receive a $20 gift card to Barnes and Noble as her award.  Tomorrow we will announce the winner among those contestants ages 14-18 competing in the Nature division.

Gallery of Nature Division Submissions (Ages 12-13)

© All rights to the photographs contained herein reserved by their respective photographers.

Originally published at Photo Contest: Nature Division Winner (Ages 12-13).

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Photo Contest: Artistic Showcase Winner

DBRLTeen - August 19, 2014
Megan Reed, "Eruption"

Megan Reed, “Eruption”

If you are looking to develop your skills as a photographer, the library has plenty of resources to help. We provide free online classes through our online service called UniversalClass. Learn more about digital photography, digital scrapbooking, and other visual arts. These are just a few of the over 500 courses offered. To log in, you’ll need your DBRL library card number; your PIN is your birthdate (MMDDYYYY).

You should also stop by to check out our extensive collection of photography guidebooks such as:

Today marks the first day of recognizing our photo contest winners. Megan Reed is the winner of the Artistic Showcase for her photo, “Eruption.” When asked about the inspiration behind this photo, Megan said, “My brother and cousin were shooting various targets such as watermelons, water bottles, a plastic helicopter, and a newly shaken 2 liter orange soda bottle.  I wanted to capture the soda bottle exploding when it was shot.”

Megan will receive a $20 gift card to Barnes and Noble as his award. Tomorrow we announce the winner among those contestants ages 12-14 competing in the Nature division.

Gallery of Artistic Showcase Submissions

© All rights to the photographs contained herein are reserved by their respective photographers.

Originally published at Photo Contest: Artistic Showcase Winner.

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