Debut Author Spotlight: September 2018

Posted on Monday, September 10, 2018 by Katherine

As we head into fall, check out these books by debut authors coming in September. If you would like a longer list of debut titles, please visit our catalog.


The 7 1/2 deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle book coverThe 7 ½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle” by Stuart Turton

Evelyn Hardcastle is murdered at 11:00 p.m. The next day she dies again.

When the Hardcastle family throws a party, the daughter of the house is murdered. Guest Aiden Bishop finds himself stuck in a time loop where every day is the same and every night Evelyn Hardcastle is murdered.

To break out of the loop and set time moving forward again, Aiden must solve her murder and he only has eight days to do it. For each of those eight days he will inhabit the body of a different guest until he unravels the mystery and finds the killer.


Intercepted” by Alexa MartinIntercepted book cover

Determined to prove she can make it on her own after dumping her cheating NFL boyfriend after 10 years, Marlee has vowed to never again date an athlete. But she finds her determination wavering with the arrival of the Mustangs’ new quarterback Gavin Pope, with whom she once shared a passionate night. And Gavin plans to convince Marlee he’s nothing like her ex.

As things between Marlee and Gavin heat up, Marlee must also deal with increased media attention and the judgmental football wives, the Lady Mustangs.


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Debut Author Spotlight: August 2018

Posted on Monday, August 27, 2018 by Katherine

Summer reading may be over, but don’t let that stop you from checking out these books by debut authors. Please visit our catalog for a complete list of titles.

Vox book coverVox” by Christina Dalcher

A governmental decree that women will now be limited to no more than 100 words per day is just the beginning. Fitted with wristbands that tally their words and provide shocks for overage, soon women aren’t allowed to have jobs and girls are not taught to read or write. More restrictions follow.

Dr. Jean McClellan was a highly recognized cognitive linguist before the government began restricting women’s rights. But when the President’s brother suffers an accident that impairs his brain’s speech functions, Jean is given back some of her freedom — and her voice — to work on a cure. And now that she has her voice back, Jean will stop at nothing to keep herself, her daughter and women everywhere from ever being silenced again.


How Are You Going to Save Yourself” by J.M. HolmesHow are you going to save yourself book cover

A coming of age tale for a group of young black men — Gio, Rolls, Rye and Dub — as they navigate being black in America. Gio recounts his friends’ highs and lows as they make their way into adulthood. There’s Gio, who has the best prospects as he attends Cornell. Then there’s Rolls, who pursues a career as a painter. Rye, failing to achieve his dreams of playing for the NFL, becomes a firefighter. And Dub moves around aimlessly as he tries to find his way.

This novel is an unflinchingly honest look at the realities of race, class and family in America.

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Debut Author Spotlight: July 2018

Posted on Monday, July 30, 2018 by Katherine

Here are some new titles by debut authors to help you get through this heat wave. Best read with a cold glass of lemonade in hand. For a longer list, please visit our catalog.

City of Lies book coverCity of Lies” by Sam Hawke

Jovan’s uncle is the poison master — responsible for detecting poisons and developing antidotes — for the Chancellor of Silasta. Jovan grew up being slowly poisoned as he trains to fill the same role as his uncle for the Chancellor’s heir, Tain. But Jovan is forced to step into his uncle’s shoes far too soon when an unidentified poison kills both his uncle and the Chancellor. Jovan must now keep Tain alive amid political intrigue, rebellion and betrayal.


Fruit of the Drunken Tree” by Ingrid Rojas ContrerasFruit of the Drunken Tree book cover

Bogotá, Colombia during the reign of drug lord Pablo Escobar is a violent, dangerous place, but young Chula and her older sister Cassandra live sheltered lives in their gated community. Then their mother hires a live-in maid from the slums — 13-year-old Petrona — and their two worlds collide, exposing Chula and Cassandra to the conflict and danger outside their gates.


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Debut Author Spotlight: June 2018

Posted on Monday, July 9, 2018 by Katherine

Summer is a great time to discover new authors. Here are some of the titles by debut authors that hit the shelves in June. For more, please visit our catalog.

Optickal Illusion book coverThe Optickal Illusion” by Rachel Halliburton

Based on a true story of scandal and betrayal in the art world of 1797s London.

Ann Jemima Provis and her father offer American artist Benjamin West a long coveted secret—the formula for master painter Titian’s famous coloring—which they claim to have uncovered in an ancient manuscript. A beautiful young woman and herself a talented painter, Ann demonstrates the technique for Benjamin, drawing him and the Royal Academy of Arts, of which he is president, deep into scandal and fraud.


A People’s History of the Vampire Uprising” by Raymond A. VillarealPeople's History book cover

A disease that solidifies the blood has sparked an epidemic of vampirism that begins in the United States and then sweeps across the world. Those who survive the virus are left with an increased lifespan in exchange for a diet of fresh blood. They are called “Gloamings,” and soon people begin to clamor for rebirth as one of the elite, despite the risk of death if their bodies can’t handle the disease.

What follows is a drastic shift in society and the emergence of a Gloaming Crimes Unit, an anti-Gloaming sect, and the first Gloaming candidate for senator all of which are building up to a bloody vampire revolt.

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Debut Author Spotlight: May 2018

Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 by Katherine

This time of year brings summer weather and a whole new month’s worth of debut fiction. There are some exciting titles by new authors that came out in May and, as always, you can find a longer list of debut titles in our catalog.

Song of Blood and Stone book coverSong of Blood and Stone” by L. Penelope

The magical barrier—known as the Mantle—separating the enemy lands of Elsira and Lagrimara is about to fall. Both countries face the threat of impending war, but also that of an ancient evil known as the True-Father which seeks to conquer them both.

Gifted with the power of Eathsong, Jasminda is an outcast in her homeland of Elsira where her dark skin marks her Lagrimaran descent. Jack is an Elsiran spy who is trying to warn Elsira about the eminent collapse of the Mantle and the threat of the True-Father. As Jasminda and Jack work together to protect their home and reinforce the Mantle, their professional alliance becomes personal even as they are faced with political and social opposition.

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Debut Author Spotlight: April 2018

Posted on Friday, April 27, 2018 by Katherine

There are a lot of wonderful debuts coming to DBRL in April, especially if you are a fan of historical fiction! Please visit our catalog for a longer list of authors making their debuts this month.


Between the Earth and Sky book coverBetween Earth and Sky” by Amanda Skenandore

After the Indian Wars, the “savage-taming” Stover School was created to assimilate the children of nearby reservations by robbing them of their language, customs, and even their names. Asku — renamed Harry Muskrat — was once the most promising student at the boarding school, but is now accused of murdering a federal agent.

Alma Mitchell, a childhood friend of Asku’s, convinces her lawyer husband to defend him, believing that he could never commit murder, no matter how cold and bitter he has become as an outsider in two worlds — the white world and his own. But to help Asku, Alma must revisit the painful secrets of her childhood.

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Debut Author Spotlight: March 2018

Posted on Wednesday, April 4, 2018 by Katherine

There are so many exciting debuts that came out in March that it was difficult to decide which ones to highlight. If you’re interested in the longer list please visit our catalog.

Tangerine book coverTangerine” by Christine Mangan

After the death of her first husband, Alice escapes her past by marrying again and accompanying her new husband to Tangier, Morocco in the early 1950s. But her past finds her again when her former best friend and college roommate Lucy shows up in Tangier.

Upon learning that Alice is unhappy in her new marriage, Lucy is determined to reestablish her relationship — and her control — over fragile Alice, who she had obsessively loved in college. As Lucy begins to manipulate Alice, more about their tragic past is revealed and it’s hinted that an equally tragic future may be in store for them.

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Debut Author Spotlight: February 2018

Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 by Katherine

There are lots of fantastic titles by debut authors that came to the library in February. If you would like a more comprehensive list, please visit our catalog. Enjoy!

Only Killers and Thieves

Only Killers and Thieves” by Paul Howarth

Two brothers, Billy and Tommy McBride, seek revenge for the murder of their parents and younger sister in the Australian outback in the 1880s. Believing their family was murdered by an aboriginal man, the boys set off on a manhunt accompanied by a neighboring rancher and Inspector Noone of the Native Mounted Police.

However, relations are strained between the white settlers and the natives they have brutally oppressed, and the manhunt becomes a massacre. While Billy embraces the violence and sense of vengeance, Tommy is sickened by the cruelty they witness, and his growing conscience jeopardizes the brothers’ relationship.

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Debut Author Spotlight: January

Posted on Monday, January 29, 2018 by Katherine

January is a very busy time for publishing, so this month’s list of debut authors is a long one. If you’re interested in seeing a more comprehensive list please visit our catalog.


Green book coverGreen” by Sam Graham-Felsen

Based on Graham-Felsen’s own childhood growing up in Boston in the 1990s, comes this novel of friendship between David Greenfield and Marlon Wellings. David lives in a gentrified neighborhood and is one of the few white kids in his middle school. Marlon lives in public housing and challenges David’s assumptions about black culture. But as their friendship develops, David becomes increasingly aware of how little he actually knows about Marlon’s life, and he learns to recognize his own privilege.


The Chalk Man” by C. J. TudorChalk Man book cover

In the summer of 1986 childhood friends Eddie, Fat Gav, Mickey, Hoppo and Nicky entertained themselves by leaving each other messages—written with chalk stick-figures—around in their sleepy English village. Events take a grim turn when chalk figures appear which lead them to the body of Mickey’s drowned brother and, later, to the body of a teenage girl. A teacher is accused despite a lack of evidence, and when he commits suicide the case is closed. But 30 years later, Mikey returns home to recruit Eddie’s help with a documentary about that summer which will reveal the true killer. The next day, Eddie discovers chalk figures in his home and Mickey’s body is found, sending Eddie on a mission to uncover the truth of that summer.

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Debut Author Spotlight: December

Posted on Friday, December 29, 2017 by Katherine

Our list of debut authors is very short this month as December is a quiet time of year for publishing. But quality over quantity, right?

Last Suppers book coverThe Last Suppers” by Mandy Mikulencak

As the daughter of a murdered warden Ginny Polk is familiar with the harsh realities of prison life in the 1950s. Still, as an adult she chooses to return to the Greenmount State Penitentiary in Louisiana, where her father worked, as the prison cook. There she struggles to make peace with her past while serving prisoners on death row their last meals—along with a little compassion and human kindness.

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