DBRL Programs

Survival Is Insufficient: Preserving Art in the Apocalypse
Fulton, William Woods University Library Auditorium

Drawing from "Station Eleven" and the works of Shakespeare, Erik Hillskemper, assistant professor of English at William Woods University, will discuss the importance of art and literature and investigate why humans are compelled to create and enjoy art of all kinds. Audience participation is welcome.

The Dubious Pursuits of William Clark
Columbia Public Library, Friends Room

In her book, "The Unknown Travels and Dubious Pursuits of William Clark," author Jo Ann Trogdon reveals William Clark's highly questionable activities during the years before his famous journey west of the Mississippi. Using Clark's diary and ledger entries, she investigates evidence linking Clark to a series of plots in which corrupt officials sought to line their pockets with Spanish money and to separate Kentucky from the United States. Sponsored by the University of Missouri Press. Copies will be available for purchase and signing.

Investing in Stocks
Columbia Public Library, Training Center

Learn the basics of investing in stocks from experienced investors Hanna Klachko and Fred Tonnies, members of local investment clubs and representatives of the Kansas City Chapter of Better Investing. They will explain commonly used terms, how to interpret stock reports and which tools they use to evaluate and pick stocks. They will also highlight some resources available free online through the library, including Value Line and Morningstar.

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