Programs on October 10, 2014

Committee Meetings
Columbia Public Library

Budget & Finance Committee: Bradley Bylaws & Handbook Committee: Truman Legislative Committee: Parliament II Membership Committee: Parliament III Nominating Committee: Windsor I Media and Publications Committee: Windsor III

Young Adult Author Breakfast with Natalie Lloyd
Columbia Public Library, Windsor II

Join us for breakfast and then hear a talk by Natalie Lloyd, the quirky and delightful author of “A Snicker of Magic,” published in 2014 by Scholastic. Includes book sales and signing.

Video Tutorials in Your Library
Columbia Public Library, Windsor I

As more people turn to videos for information, libraries will need to embrace this new resource. Video tutorials allow librarians to give specific step-by-step instruction on library resources that can be viewed at anytime from anywhere. This workshop will include the basics of video tutorials along with a technical overview on the process of making and promoting your videos.

Unprogramming for Kids & Teens: High-impact Programs, Low-stress Planning
Columbia Public Library, Windsor III

Do your programs for school-age children and teens demand tons of planning time? Are you spending more on program supplies than you’d like? Have you been disheartened by programs with low attendance or bored-looking kids? Discover the unprogramming mindset, which will allow you and your staff to streamline planning and preparation while offering engaging, library-connected programs - and that kids and teens help shape. This session will include strategies for unprogramming with school-age children and teens at any library, regardless of staffing levels and budget. Attendees will learn ideas for helping staff adapt to this new programming style, and a variety of unprogramming resources will be shared. Hear about great unprograms - Family Forts! Percy Jackson Party! Teen Advisory Board! Music Club! - and get started unprogramming at your library.

Readers' Advisory: Beyond the Half-day Workshop
Columbia Public Library, Parliament II

Readers' advisory is a skill that requires practice and a commitment to staying up to date with your collection and its readers. In this session, we will talk about how to make readers’ advisory a priority in your organization. Find out ways to incorporate building your readers' advisory base knowledge into existing work routines. Learn about outside-the-box ways you can provide ongoing readers’ advisory training, whether you have 5 minutes or 50 minutes. We will discuss strategies, tips, and tools to keep you and your staff up-to-date with what’s new and how to provide opportunities for readers’ advisory practice and reinforcement. Learn how to draw upon the resources and expertise of your fellow staff. We’ll go beyond the workshop concept to talk about micro-trainings, exercises, genre studies, book clubs, newsletters and more.

Stu-jitsu: The Gentle Art of Supervising Student Workers
Columbia Public Library, Parliament III

The hiring, training, supervising, and retention of student workers are linchpins in the successful delivery of services in an academic library regardless of the size of the library and its parent institution. Yet how often are these student worker processes given their due attention and time? How can you optimize your efforts to make sure your student workers are a value-added work force and not just warm bodies that get tasks done in a merely acceptable fashion? How do you interact with your student workers in a way that is fun, formal, and helps prepare them for the working world? With over ten years of supervising student workers at three different universities, I will share my methods, philosophies and models that have helped me in all of these contexts.

Open Lab - MOREnet Room
Columbia Public Library, Polo

Data Mining and Google Analytics for Libraries: A Case Study
Columbia Public Library, Bradley

Web analytic techniques have become increasingly popular, particularly Google Analytics time-series dashboards. But interpretations of a website’s visits and traffic data may be oversimplified and limited by Google Analytics' existing functionalities. This means library website mangers have to make estimations rather than mathematically informed decisions. In order to gain a more precise view of longitudinal website visits traffic data, the researchers mathematically transformed the existing Goggle Analytics’s log data, allowing the vectors of website visits per each year to be considered simultaneously. Through a K-means data mining method, the proposed approach groups the data of an example website gathered over an ‘x’ year period into ‘y’ clusters of data. The results show that the transformed data is richer, more accurate and informative, potentially allowing website managers to make more informed decisions concerning promoting, developing and maintaining their websites rather than relying on estimations.

And the Oscar Goes to…The Nighthawks: Special Collections Internships
Columbia Public Library, Truman

Julie Portman (Fontbonne University Library) and Rob Tygett (St. Louis Public Library) were awarded internships at prominent cultural institutions to research and catalog objects in hidden collections. Julie Portman cataloged materials at the Prints and Drawings Department of the Art Institute of Chicago and Rob Tygett worked as a cataloger in the film archive at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles. This program will discuss the professional benefits of being an intern and explore the internship planning and application process. Come join us as we share our project experiences and travel adventures.

University City Public Library’s Progress Report on the MOREnet Three-year Library Research Project
Columbia Public Library, Parliament II

Our project is underway and we are planning many new services for our patrons including a technology makerspace/fab lab and digital repository for community projects. The library is working with community partners to provide training and market new services as they become available. This presentation will be filled with all the emotional highs and lows of our project so far.

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