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Heroes in Your Garden
Columbia Public Library, Friends Room

Large-scale food production has created the need for substantial pesticide use. However, there are alternative methods for suppressing pest populations, methods that are more sustainable and better for our environment. Kathryn Ingerslew, a doctoral candidate in MU’s Division of Plant Sciences, will talk about natural methods of controlling pests in your home garden based on her research into the dynamics of pest insects and their predators.

Gathering Oral Histories
Callaway County Public Library, Friends Room

Oral histories can play an important role in documenting your family heritage. Genealogist Tim Dollens will share tips on how to obtain oral histories from family members. This program is co-sponsored by the Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society. Light refreshments served. Teens and adults.

Superheroes, Super Poems
Columbia Public Library, Friends Room

Marta Ferguson, co-editor of "Drawn to Marvel: Poems From the Comic Books" along with other anthology contributors will give dramatic readings and lead a lively discussion of superheroes as mythological archetypes. A free copy of the book goes to the best-costumed attendee. Please note: Due to its adult themes and violent content, the anthology is recommended for mature readers. Copies will be available for purchase and signing. Adults and older teens.

Comics, Pop Culture and Comic-Con
Columbia Public Library, Friends Room

Explore the role of comics in pop culture with Skip Harvey, comic creator, illustrator, blogger and one of the aspiring artists featured in Morgan Spurlock's documentary "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope" about the world's largest comic book convention in San Diego. Skip is also a host on the “geekpow” YouTube channel and is involved in many other ventures involving comics and geek culture. Teens and adults.

Center Aisle Cinema: "Dear Mr. Watterson"
Columbia Public Library, Friends Room

"Calvin & Hobbes" dominated the Sunday comics in hundreds of newspapers from 1985-1995. When creator Bill Watterson retired from drawing the strip, devoted readers everywhere felt a great void. Twenty years later, this documentary by Joel Allen Schroeder explores why Watterson's comic strip had such an impact, and why it still means so much to us today. Watch the trailer at Adults and teens.

When the Monarchs Came to Columbia
Columbia Public Library, Friends Room

The Kansas City Monarchs were the longest-running franchise in the history of baseball's Negro Leagues, playing from 1920 to 1965. The team launched the careers of many outstanding players, including Bullet Rogan, an eventual Hall of Famer, and conducted many barnstorming tours of the Midwest and even into Canada. Relive the history and excitement of their visits to Columbia as told by baseball historian and author Phil Dixon. Dixon is a co-founder of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, an award-winning author of nine baseball books and has worked for the Kansas City Royals. His visit to Columbia is part of his quest to speak in 90 cities where this famous team played.

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