Art at the Columbia Public Library

“Rocks, Flowers and Insects”

by Robert Bussabarger, 2003

Done in oil on canvas-covered plywood, this two-sided, six-paneled screen measures five feet wide by seven and a half feet long when unfolded. The screen hangs from the ceiling above the Media Desk and is visible from all three floors. Bussabarger created this piece after spending four months visiting Korea where he admired the floral screens used in traditional Korean weddings. On the wedding screens, each panel is often painted or embroidered with stylized peony blossoms, and the same design may be repeated on several panels. Bussabarger has departed from the Asian forms, introducing abstracted forms from his own experience. Known for a broad body of work including sculpture and painting, here Bussabarger has created a piece which is both a lyrical, two-dimensional painting and a sculpture. Robert Bussabarger is a professor emeritus of art at the University of Missouri.

“Rocks, Flowers and Insects” was donated to the library by the artist in 2003.

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