Signed With Sincerity: American Signature Quilts

Saturday, April 21 › 1:30-2:30 p.m.

Columbia Public Library, Friends Room

Thousands of quilts inscribed with even more thousands of names are some of the most prized quilts held in museums and personal collections. Often made by communities of women and men to honor one of their members, these quilts provide historical documentation of long-forgotten communities and give evidence of the depth of affection, sentiment and solidarity among the group. Signature quilts reflect social history and social change in our country and have connections to westward migration in the 1800s, to reform and religious movements in the years following and to global war and social media in the 2000s. This lecture by Jonathan Gregory of the International Quilt Study Center & Museum will cover the origins, development and adaptability of the signature quilt throughout nearly 200 years of American life.

Registration: Not required.