Executive Comittee Report - March 1909

The Executive Committee Makes Report and Outlines Plans for the Future
Excerpted from the Fulton Sun, March 8, 1909

To the citizens of Fulton:
The Fulton Public Library was opened on the second day of July 1908. Prior to that time a book reception had been held at which 175 volumes were donated. This number has been increased by gifts and by purchase until we have at present 625 volumes upon our shelves. Since opening, the library has been receiving 23 magazines and periodicals, together with three of our county papers. The interest in the library has steadily grown and between July 2, 1908 and March 1, 1909, 513 different persons living in our town and county have used the books and periodicals, and now the average monthly calls for books and periodicals will exceed 500.

We believe that in this library we have the beginning of an institution that will be of inestimable benefit to all of our citizens during the coming years. The interest in the library has steadily grown and it has from the beginning been used by all classes of our citizens and to a much larger extent than expected. As to whether or not it shall be perpetuated and made more useful and helpful depends upon the people themselves. Until we shall have reached the point where we are willing to recognize the library as a public necessity and to support it by taxation as other public institutions are supported, we will have to depend upon public spirited liberality of the individual citizens.

The library board wishes to express its thanks to the many who have assisted by gifts of books, money, furniture, etc., and especially do we acknowledge our obligations to the Woman’s Club without whose interest and efforts the library would not have been possible.

During the next few days our people will be solicited to renew their subscriptions for the coming year and we hope that the amount realized will be such as will enable the board not only to maintain the library during the year, but to largely increase the number of books and to enhance its usefulness and helpfulness to all our citizens.

We have indulged the hope that at least five of our citizens will subscribe $10 each, and there ought to be not less than 50 who will give $5 each as they did last year. If our prosperous and public spirited men and women will do this, the balance needed can be easily secured in smaller amounts.

Realizing that the library belongs to the people and is maintained for them, we have invited our citizens to file with the librarian lists of the books which they desire to be purchased. The lists will be carefully preserved and classified and as fast as our funds permit the books will be purchased.

Respectfully submitted,
Mrs. D.R. Kerr, Mrs. W.E. Jameson, Miss Elizabeth Kerr, Walter Henderson, David H. Harris, Executive Board

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