Missouri History Mural Unveiling

The Missouri History Mural at the Columbia Public Library was created by the 2007 fourth grade classes of Grant Elementary School and guest artist Heinrich Leonhard. The students drew, sculpted and painted low-relief tiles while learning about Missouri history. The mural was unveiled November 13 with the students present.

Student artists posed for photos in the last three shots. In order of photo appearance, the students are:
Mrs. Schenker's Class: Back row: Mason Robertson, helen McCarthy, Natasha Groshong, Luc Goldstein, Abir Siraji, Brianna Ellis, Jack Creasy, Principal Borduin, Heinrich Leonhard, teacher Lisa Schenker. Front row: Tara Harrington, Kierra Headd, Tate Gardner, Elliot McGlew, Alexander Currier, Chottie Hamilton.
Miss. Kollmeyer's Class: Back row: Ivan Keel, Ali Siddiqui, Tate Gardner, Jack O'Connor, Ben Goodfellow, Colin Smith, Principal Borduin, Heinrich Leonhard, teacher Amy Kollmeyer. Front row: Silver Ross, Jared Klick, Eden Crane, Caroline Bocklage, Maggie Schopp, Kaya Nies, Clay Saffran-Johnson, Aiden Cook.
Mr. Steelman's Class: Back row: Mamie Davis, Shea Milan, Chacorie Collns, Wyatt Smith, Macaulay Keevins, Principal Borduin, Sara Meadows, James Steelman, Heinrich Leonhard. Front row: Cooper Bettis, Katharine Hammond, Jodie Bappe, Isac Custer, Christian Thomas, Iratubona Desire, Aidan Landry, Sergey Gruzdev.

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