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Audiobooks We Love: National Library Week Edition

Photo of child wearing headphonesAre you bored with turning pages? Are you tired of your arms falling asleep while you try to read a heavy tome? Then you should try listening to audiobooks!

Personally, I love audiobooks and prefer being read to than reading a book. Not only are they a great way to while away the hours, they are good for you too! Studies show that audiobooks increase reading accuracy by 52% and improve reading comprehension by 76%. Want to learn more about the benefits of listening to audiobooks? check out this infographic from the Audio Publishers Association.

Here are some activities for your family to do as you listen to audiobooks.

  • Play “I Spy” using words from your book!
  • Act out parts from the book or imitate your favorite characters and see if your family and friends can guess them!
  • Ask questions and discuss as you go to enhance the reading experience.   It’s a great way to make sure everyone is listening.

Since it’s National Library Week, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to recommend an old favorite: “These Happy Golden Years” by Laura Ingalls Wilder. It’s my very favorite of the Little House books, and it has everything– a little romance, adventure and even tornadoes! The whole series is read by the actress Cherry Jones, and she brings the entire Ingalls clan to life with her lively rendition!

Photo credit: garageolimpo listen via photopin (license)