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Better Sleep for All!

In the life of parenthood and guardianship of young children, there may be no sweeter word on Earth than “bedtime.” According to the Better Sleep Council, May is “Better Sleep Month.” Getting good sleep can be easier said than done. However, winding your kids down with good books can be the secret to better sleep for all. Here are a few of my favorite bedtime books for little ones.

Goodnight Moon

“Goodnight Moon” by Margret Wise Brown is a time-tested favorite. The sweet rhymes and soft pictures will lull your little ones into sweet sleep while you get a piece of nostalgia.

On the Night You Were Born

Nancy Tillman’s “On the Night You Were Born” is gentle, beautiful and a great opportunity for parent/child bonding. If you’re looking to speak a little love into your child, this is your pick!

Pajama Time!

Sometimes you need to get some silliness out before your critter can settle down. Sandra Boynton’s “Pajama Time!” is perfect here. Its steady beat will groove your little one right into bed.

Good Night Gorilla

Ever wonder what bedtime looks like in a zoo? Peggy Rathmann answers this question beautifully in “Good Night Gorilla.” The pictures are great, and the story is simple.

Time for Bed

“Time for Bed” by Mem Fox is the ultimate bedtime book. The pictures are pleasant. The rhyme is repetitious and creates a sense of completion. This book has always been a slam dunk for sweet dreams in our house.