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Children’s Books Coming Out in 2019

Welcome to the new year! There is a lot to look forward to in 2019, including exciting new book releases. While some of these books won’t be released for awhile, feel free to mark your calendars and begin the countdown to their arrival! 

Picture Books

“The Good Egg”- Jory John (Author) and Pete Oswald (Illustrator)Cover The Good Egg
It’s hard feeling like you have to be perfect all the time, especially when everyone else is rotten. Cover My Teacher is a RobotThe good egg must learn to take the pressure off himself and accept others, even when they’re not acting so egg-cellent. Publish date: February

“My Teacher is a Robot”- Jeffrey Brown
Fred thinks school is so boring because his teacher is a robot. Can his imagination get him through the day? Publish date: June

“I’m Trying to Love Math”- Bethany Barton Cover I'm Trying to Love Math
Math can sometimes be intimidating, but this humorous book answers the question, “When will I ever use this?” Discover amazing ways that math is used and learn how math isn’t so scary; it can actually be fun! Publish date: July

“My Big Bad Monster”- A.N. Kang
One girl becomes fed up with her monster of self-doubt. With a little help and determination, she learns how to make the monster vanish. Publish date: July

Chapter books

“We’re Not from Here”- Geoff Rodkey Cover We're Not from Here
After Earth is destroyed, a family of humans immigrate to Planet Choom and must convince the Cover Groundbreaking Guysreluctant inhabitants that they can live alongside them peacefully. Publish date: March

“Groundbreaking Guys: 40 Men Who Became Great by Doing Good”- Stephanie True Peters (Author) and Shamel Washington (Illustrator) 
Learn about stellar men who changed the world by doing good. This book celebrates men like Barack Obama, Mr. Rogers, Hayao Miyazaki and more. Publish date: May

Cover Minecraft Volume 1“Minecraft Volume 1”- Sfé Monster (Author) and Sarah Graley (Illustrator) 
Cover GutsCalling all Minecraft enthusiasts! The beloved video game is debuting their first official graphic novel in July. Tyler is devastated when his family moves and he’s forced to leave his friends. Luckily, they stay connected through Minecraft. Join them as they embark on the ultimate adventure to defeat the ender dragon! Publish date: July

“Guts”- Raina Telgemeier 
The author of “Drama” and “Smile” has announced a September release of “Guts”. Raina wakes up with a stomach ache that just won’t go away, all while dealing with usual stressors of school and friendships. Could the two be related? Publish date: September