DIY Bathtub Fun

Photograph of baby in bathtub Have you ever heard of bathtub crayons? They’re these cool drawing tools that allow kids to scribble on the tub, and they are a great for incentive for kids to get in and stay in their bath. When bath time is over, just rise the marks off, and you have a clean slate. These crayons can be purchased, but who wants to do that when you can make your own? DIY bathtub crayons allow you to mix your own colors, create crayons in fun shapes and will probably save you some money too.

To make one crayon of one color, you’ll need:

  • One block of glycerin soap (available at craft stores)
  • Food coloring
  • Glass measuring cup
  • Spoon (to stir with)
  • Ice cube tray, crayon mold or silicone mold
  • Knife and cutting board

  1. For easier melting, cut up the block of glycerin soap into chunks, and place a few into your measuring cup.  Microwave for 45 seconds and stir.  If the soap has not completely melted, microwave again.
  2. Once the soap is melted, add food coloring. (Tip: when you think you have enough, add a bit more!)
  3. Pour the mixture into the tray or mold and let it harden. This can take minutes or hours depending on the shape and depth of your tray. If you are in a hurry to use the crayons,  place the tray in the freezer for faster hardening times.
  4. Once the crayons have hardened, pop them out of your tray or mold.

Repeat these steps to make crayons of different colors, and have fun writing, doodling and drawing on your bathtub with your kids! Want to have even more bath time fun? Read these bubbly books together!

Photo credit: Bath Time via Flickr (license).