Handprint Calendars for the New Year – Daniel Boone Regional Library

Handprint Calendars for the New Year

Here at the library, we have the great opportunity to offer programs for people of all ages; from infants to preschoolers, early elementary to teen, young adults to seniors and everyone in between! We had such a great turnout for our children’s handprint calendar program that we wanted to share it here for you and your children to try at home!

Step 1: Gather your materials

At the library, we used non-toxic washable stamp pads for our handprints, but washable tempera paints also make lovely prints. You’ll want to set up near a sink or have baby wipes on hand for cleaning between colors. We decorated our pages using stamps and markers, so compile your collection of stickers, stamps, markers, crayons or any other media that your children like to create with.

Step 2: Print your calendar

Print off the handprint calendar on a heavy cardstock and decide how you want to bind it. At the library, we used a spiralizing binder, which you can pay a company like Staples to do for a modest fee, but there are easier options, such as a hole punch and string. If you do choose to use paints, I would recommend waiting until after each page has dried to bind the calendar, but if you use stamp ink then bind away!

Step 3: Look over the examples

Here is a list with examples and instructions for how to recreate the prints that we made at the library, but feel free to make your own! Check out Pinterest for lots of other great handprint ideas.

Step 4: Make your very own calendar

Whether your kids do it in one sitting or work on it over the course of a few days, the final product is sure to be spectacular and unique! Your child’s calendar can make a great gift for a special loved one, or you can hang it up for the family to use. No matter what you do with it in the end, we hope that you have fun making this calendar together!