New Children’s Computers!

Posted on Friday, September 4, 2015 by Johnathan

New ComputersWe have new computers in the Children’s department! AWE’s Early Literacy Station computers feature over 4,000 localized learning activities. The fun, interactive content spans curricular areas of math, science, social studies and geography, reading, art, music, writing, computer skills and reference. These computers use a brightly colored keyboard, a mouse and a touch screen for a variety of computer literacy techniques. Below are just a few of the MANY games available!

Computer games for younger kids:

  • Sesame Street Learn, Play & Grow – Match colors and shapes, learn letters, practice counting, learn about different jobs in a neighborhood and make drawings with paint and crayons.
  • Giggles Kids Nursery Rhymes – Watch the lamb follow Mary, topple Humpty Dumpty, Race up a hill and tumble down with Jack and Jill, send twinkling stars shooting across the night sky and more!
  • Getting Ready for Kindergarten – Learn school-essential physical, social and academic skills. Kids will use interactive games to show how to get dressed, sort and count blocks, learn left and right, tie shoes and more.

Computer games for older kids (ages 5-8):

  • ClueFinders Adventures – Help the ClueFinders unlock a mystery by following clues and solving puzzles. Different games for different grade levels.
  • Volcanic Panic – Compete against the computer in a board game style math challenge.
  • Britannica Encyclopedia Elementary – A great reference tool for ages 6 to 10. Use a dictionary, explore articles and reference at the Homework Helpdesk, Learn how to use timelines, a world atlas and more.
  • Kid Pix 3D – Use this cool graphics tool to draw pictures, make movies and create animations.