Painted Rocks at DBRL

Waldo Painted RockHave you spied some of the many colorful painted rocks hiding around town? Known as kindness rocks, artists of all ages paint and hide them in public spaces in hopes of spreading joy.

Since the 2018 Summer Reading theme is “Libraries Rock!” we wanted to get in on this rock craze, too! Library staff and volunteers have painted over 500 children’s book characters on rocks, and now we need your help hiding them. Each rock (which can be found at any DBRL library branch or bookmobile) is tied to a library book. You check out the book and hide the rock somewhere in Boone or Callaway County. The rocks have a special message directing the finder to return the rock to the library. If they do, they’ll get a small prize!

Also join us for “DBRL Rocks,” where you can paint your own rocks this summer. We’ll supply the rocks and paint. You supply the creativity.

DBRL Rocks (ages 5 to adult)

There are also adults-only rock painting programs at the Callaway County Public Library on June 5 and at the Columbia Public Library on July 19

Rock Painting Dos and Don’ts

  • Don’t attach googley eyes, feather, stickers or other objects that can come off rocks. They can become litter or animals can try to eat them.
  • Don’t hide rocks in state or federal parks or cemeteries.
  • Do hide rocks in public, away from roadways or the paths of mowers.
  • Do seal your rocks with a waterproof sealant such as Rust-Oleum 2x Clear. (Three light mist coats from about a foot away.) If you don’t, the paint flakes off easily. Note that Mod Podge is not waterproof and should not be used as a final sealant layer on rocks.
  • Do have fun!

Follow our local rock painting groups on Facebook for year round rock hunting fun!