Poetry in Stop Motion

"Animation Lab for Kids" book coverSteven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and Megan Durham. What do these people have in common? We’re all directors, and you can be one too! Directing your own movie, creating a flip book or making your own zoetrope (Pixar has a great explanation over on YouTube.) are all wonderful ways to get creative and pass the time on a bleak winter afternoon. They are also a great way to practice story building and sequencing.  

We are pretty sneaky here at the library and will do just about anything to get people to practice their reading skills. We’d even go so far as to disguise literacy skills as crafts! See below for some great crafts, books and programs to help find your inner Coppola (Francis Ford or Sophia). Who knows? You could be one library trip away from winning an Academy Award.*

  • Try making your own flip book out of a stack of sticky notes! Start your animation from the back, making small changes as you go. When you make it to the top then flip it from the back to see your creation.  
  • Animation Lab for Kids” by Laura Bellmont offers both old school and digital age projects. Bellmont has several different flip book ideas, and you can even make your own zoetrope!
  • If you are a stop motion fan, then you know the power of LEGO®, and “Brick Animals” by Warren Elsmore is for you! This book shows 40 different animals that you can make with with these classic bricks.

*Results not typical, but if it happens mention us in your award speech.