Stuffed Animal Sleepover 2017 – Daniel Boone Regional Library

Stuffed Animal Sleepover 2017

On November 16, we asked kids and parents to bring their stuffed animals (a.k.a. stuffies) to the Columbia Public Library for some bedtime stories, then leave the stuffies here for some nighttime adventures!

How much mischief can 69 stuffies get into when left overnight at the library? Quite a bit! Below are some photos of their shenanigans.

Stuffed AnimalsThe bears started out by trying to be helpful. They placed a few interlibrary loans for Miss Melissa

Stuffed Animalsand stickered and stamped new books for Miss Liz. (Not all of the stickers ended up on the books. Oops!)

Stuffed AnimalsThankfully no tails or paws went missing when they found the paper cutter.

Stuffed AnimalsThey tried helping Miss Idenia unbox books, but the boxes soon transformed into pirate ships, mountains and robots. (Perhaps one of them has read “Not a Box“?)

Stuffed Animals

The ocean animals were excited about the next Bookmobile, Jr. display featuring “Penguin Problems” by John Jory. One penguin problem: being so tall that your head doesn’t fit in photos.

Stuffed Animals

The dogs read the cats one last bedtime story called “Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late.” Unfortunately, it gave some of the other stuffies ideas.

Stuffed AnimalsThe rails in the stairway are NOT slides!

Stuffed AnimalsThe Pigeon taught the stuffies how to drive the bookmobile. DO NOT TELL MR. MITCH!

Stuffed AnimalsThe baby pulled out all of the books on the bookmobile, but that’s ok. Babies do that sometimes.

Stuffed Animals

The kangaroos tried figuring out computer passwords.

Stuffed Animals

Papa Sock Monkey thought Starry the Tiger was a horse.

This is not how we take selfies!

Stuffed AnimalsSomeone started a snowball fight. We’re not quite sure who….

Stuffed Animals

Miss Chriss forgot to leave enough food for the stuffies’ late night snack. The dogs raided the fridge but didn’t find even a bone.

Stuffed AnimalsNo bagels were left in the coffee kiosk.

Stuffed Animals

The alligator did find a few cookies. Just so you know, alligators don’t like to share cookies.

Stuffed Animals

The jungle animals searched the coupon bin for pizza delivery coupons.

Stuffed Animals

Fortunately the snakes found the storytime pizza!

Stuffed AnimalsStuffed AnimalsStuffed AnimalsStuffed AnimalsStuffed AnimalsStuffed AnimalsStuffed AnimalsStuffed AnimalsStuffed AnimalsStuffed AnimalsStuffed Animals

After their snack, the stuffies got into the programming supplies.

Spider stuffed animal

Panic ensued when we realized one of the sleepover guests disappeared during the night. The library went into lockdown mode, and a search party tore the building apart trying to find the spider. Miss Hilary finally found him munching on leftover pizza. Apparently he got a little hungry.

Stuffed Animals

Before going home, the stuffies thought they needed to help Miss Kristy with her story time. After all, they are now story time experts! (Miss Kristy didn’t think that was such a good idea.)

Thank you to all who attended the stuffed animal sleepover this year. We hope everyone had fun!