Parking Lot Additions Improve Convenience and Safety

Crossing the Columbia Library Parking Lot

Mother and son cross the Columbia library south parking lot on the new crosswalk heading for the entrance ramp.

New benches donated in memory of long-time volunteer Helen Holroyd, along with large planters and new paving stones serve to highlight the pedestrian crosswalk in the Columbia Public Library’s south parking lot. At the foot of the pedestrian ramp, the crosswalk empties into the center of the lot instead of at the more congested area below the stairs and provides a more direct walk to your car. We also ask that you now use this area for passenger drop-off and pick-up. New banners are also scheduled to go up in January on the light poles near the ramp and on the poles in the library’s north parking lot, which we hope will call attention to this parking option that often has many empty spaces when the south lot is full. (There are 130 parking spaces in the south lot and 104 in the north.)

All of these additions are part of an effort to improve safety and convenience in the face of increasing car and foot traffic in our lots. The library is averaging about 200 visits an hour and 2000 visits per day, an increase of about 5 percent over 2007.

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