New Service: Suspend Your Holds

Now there's a new feature you can use to help you manage your holds through your online library account. Use the "Suspended Holds" service if you will be unable to pick up library materials but want to maintain your position in the holds list.

Thousands of library users have discovered the benefits of placing a hold using the online catalog. When a book or other item you want isn't available, put it on hold to add yourself to the list of waiting borrowers. When holds are ready for you, you get a notice (by e-mail or in the mail), and you have six days to pick them up. (Bookmobile patrons have a little longer for logistical reasons.)

When you don't pick up your waiting holds, they go to the next person on the list, and this is sometimes a problem for people who are on vacation, in the hospital, or otherwise temporarily unable to come by the library. Suspending your holds lets you avoid this problem.

If you suspend a hold while you're out of town, you won't lose your place in line just because you couldn't come pick it up. Here's how it works:

  • Suspend your hold for the dates you'll be unavailable.
  • If you reach the top of the list while your hold is suspended, the item goes to the next person in line, but you remain at the top of the list.
  • Once the suspension expires, you'll get the next available copy.

You can call anytime during library business hours and ask us to suspend holds for you or do it yourself through the "Review My Account" page of the catalog. After you log in, just choose which holds to edit and then provide a beginning and ending date for the suspension. You can even suspend a hold after it has become available to you, as long as you do it within a few days of getting your notice.

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