Callaway Youth Poetry Contest Winners

First place winner in the 9-12 age group Camryn Sessler reads her poem “Swimming Is Swell.”

Callaway County youth celebrated April's National Poetry Month by writing a some creative verses. This contest awarded winners in three age groups: 5-8, 9-12 and 13-18. It was cosponsored by the Callaway Arts Council and the Auxvasse Creative Arts Program.

Ages 5-8

My Turtle by Zane Cason (1st place)

My turtle is like a rock.
His claws feel sharp like an arrowhead.
He looks like a green emerald.
He smells like a swamp.
He makes a splash like a rock dropped into a quiet pond.

My Bedroom by Maggie Sessler (2nd place)

My bed is like an airplane.
I can feel it vibrating when I hear the hum of the great engine coming from my air conditioner.
I imagine the smell of gas.
I see a little light shining above me.

Rain by Ben Bondurant (3rd place)

The rain is like cracks on the windows.
It sounds like someone playing the drums.
It smells like water.
It smells like the chlorine in the pool.
It feels like someone thumping you on the head.
Sometimes when It hits the creek it makes waves like a circle.

A Snake by Grant Eichman (Honorable Mention)

A snake looks like the letter S.
It looks all curvy lying there.
The snake feels like the hot sun.
It smells like dirt on a shovel.
It even makes a sound like the letter S.

My Dog Marley by Andrew Bauermeister (Honorable Mention)

My dog is like a pillow from a soft bed.
He feels like a cloud that you could lay on.
He smells like a rotten egg in water.
He looks like a yellow cotton ball.
He sounds like a wolf howling at the moon.

Webb’s Pet Dragon by Webb Langworthy II (Honorable Mention)

My pet dragon is as big as a 20 foot building.
He feels like a scaly alligator with round, hard bumps.
He smells like a dirty trash truck on a hot summer day.
He likes to eat bugs that get stuck in between his teeth.
He plays tennis with my friend Dennis.
His breath looks like fire coming out of a wood stove.
He drinks out of my swimming pool in the backyard.
He sounds like my mom when he is mad.
He tastes like some rotten turtle soup.
He seems like a monster, but really he is my best friend.

Ages: 9-12

Swimming is Swell by Camryn Sessler (1st place)

Super swimming Sunday in the sweaty summer sun,
I dive, dip and dance, doing donuts in the drink.
The water, warm and wooshy, washes my hair, as the
Bright, blinding light bounces boldly from the brim.
The hard, harsh heat helps my hands to feel heavy.
The tide turns as I tiptoe through the turf.
Floating freely, I feel my floppy feet find a foothold.
I pounce and prance, pushing purposefully in the pool.
Piddling and paddling, my sister squirts a strong stream,
Splashing and smashing as I swim away.
Kicking crazily, cutting across, I create my escape.
Nana nabs a gnat with her net next to a “noodle”.
Cool, clean and confident, I cross the crushing current.
Reaching the ridge, I round the rim, rambling up the ladder.
Swimming is swell, and Sunday in the summer is the sweetest!

Painting by Erica Garrett (2nd place)

Painting pretty ponies prancing in fields
Sculpting slithering snakes in the sunny sun
Drawing dragons drinking dried cranberry smoothies
Painting princesses pulling pompom flowers
Painting posing people in the park
Creating coloring cardinals cooing
Sculpting singing sandwiches singing solos
Seeing scenes starts sensational masterpieces
Artwork is an amazing antidote.

Fun with Experiments by Cali Wright (3rd place)

Vicky makes volcanoes
Teren tastes tangy foods
Maria magnetized Mars
Fred fries frenzy foods
Sally hears Sara sigh
Metal makes Manny cringes
Larry tasted lemon liquid
Emily experiments with electricity
Cali creates crazy colors
Minnie makes miscellaneous messes with experiments

Watch Animals by Justin Woodard (Honorable Mention)

My dog drops droppings down a drain
The lions like the low lights
The snake slithered down the stream
The giraffe gathered green leaves to give to a baby giraffe
The fish faced a falcon on a fearless bucket
The bright blue bird bit a bluebell butterfly
The platypus pleased a playful panda
The horse has a horseshoe and a house

Spending Time with My Family by Carolina Smith (Honorable Mention)

Tennessee takes tap dancing lessons
Montana makes mud pies
Dad plays dominoes
Mom makes moonpies with me
Arizona has an alligator
Grandma Missy makes moonpies too
Missty made me melt
Ethan eats eggs
Bratey braids hair
Sylar and Sharon make silly jokes

Ages: 13-18

Doctor Bradford-Mark-Magee’s Magnificent Invention by Olivia Bailey

It did appear his neck had spilt
His head, held sideways, at a tilt
“What’s that?” the boy asked, curi’ously
To Doctor Bradford-Mark-Magee

“Why, don’t you know?” Magee replied
with startled eyes and arms held wide –
“It teleports from here to there
from now to then; from ground to air!”

“It flies, time travels, gives advice,
Does more than any old device!”
“Why, you’ll be rich!” The young boy cried,
Head popping back from tilt at side

“Sell it to me, at any price –
I’ll use it well, and treat it nice!”
The shouting boy, in earnest daze
Was met by Doctor’s somber gaze.

“Why not?” The boy asked, puzzled now
At Doctor’s frown, and furrowed brow
A minute long, the words hung there
Until more sounds broke through the air

Doctor Bradford-Mark-Magee sighed
deeply, and then he replied:
“I cannot give this thing to you,
For evil men
would use it, too.”

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