Going Smoke-Free at the Columbia Public Library

Columbia Public Library

As of the first of January, the Columbia Public Library grounds, including the parking lots, is becoming a smoke-free zone. You may smoke in your car, but you must extinguish the smoking device before exiting the vehicle. Smoking is also allowed on the city sidewalks bordering the property.

When setting the new no-smoking policy, the Daniel Boone Regional Library Board of Trustees was responding to patron complaints about walking through smoke as they approached the library entrance, and their concern about children being exposed to second-hand smoke. The Columbia Public Library has adhered to the city ordinance prohibiting smoking inside the premises and limiting smoking outside to beyond 20 feet of the building entrance.

“The Daniel Boone Regional Board of Trustees discussed this issue at length, and decided it was in the best interest of our patrons to take this action,” said Jessica Robinson, president of the Daniel Boone Regional Board of Trustees. “We want the library to be a healthy and safe place for everyone.”

The smoking ban adopted by the Daniel Boone Regional Board of Trustees does not apply to the Callaway County Public Library, Southern Boone County Library or the bookmobiles. Local ordinances apply in those locations.

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