In-Depth 2012 Election Coverage From NewsBank

If you have ever explored the library’s database NewsBank, you know this valuable resource (free with your library card!) puts the day’s news from papers around the country right at your fingertips. What you may not know is that NewsBank provides frequently updated special reports on topics of current interest. These reports include not only articles but also videos, images, relevant websites and background information on the people and events that are shaping our world. NewsBank’s special report on the 2012 election is just one of these incredibly rich topic guides.

NewsBankThe 2012 election report provides full coverage of the candidates during this year’s presidential campaign, as well as the primaries, the conventions and the debates. Updated daily, NewsBank will be adding information in various formats about the election and its outcome. Whether you are a political junkie, a civics student or just like to be a knowledgeable voter, NewsBank keeps you up-to-date with current, dynamic information about this year’s presidential race.

All special reports are accessed from the left side bar of NewsBank’s home page. Here are just some of the additional reports currently available.

  • Year in Review - 2011
  • Film and Television – News and Awards
  • Science and Health in the News
  • Issues in the News
  • World Economics
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