Changes to Recently Returned Items in the Catalog

The Recently Returned feature in My Borrowing will now only display items returned within the last two months. You can retain entries indefinitely by moving them to your Completed shelf under My Collections.

Your Shelves provide much more extensive sorting and organizing options than Recently Returned lists and also ensure a faster and more reliable catalog experience, as large Recently Returned lists may cause slow response times from the server. Once placed on one of your shelves, your items can be sorted or viewed by criteria such as genre, author and date added.

To move your Recently Returned items to your Completed shelf, follow the steps below.

Log in to your DBRL account, open MyDBRL and click on Recently Returned.

MyDBRL menu

Recently Returned items that have not been moved to shelves will have the option “Add to My Shelves” available.

Add to My Shelves

Click the link and select a shelf. In this example, the “Completed” shelf will be used.

Select your shelf

Once successfully moved, the you will see a pop-up message. If you do not wish to share the item, click “Change to Private.”

Your item has been added to the shelf.

The item will now be stored indefinitely on your selected shelf. Items can always be moved to other shelves later. You may notice a delay before items you have moved appear on your Completed shelf.  It takes a little time for the items added to your shelves to be indexed.

Your Completed shelf with book added.

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