2013 Callaway Youth Poetry Contest Winners

Thanks to all the young poets who submitted entries in the 2013 Callaway County Youth Poetry Contest, sponsored by the Callaway County Public Library and the Auxvasse Creative Arts Program. The organizations honored the winners of the contest on Tuesday, April 25 at the Callaway County Public Library in Fulton. Prizes were awarded to first, second and third place winners in three age groups: 5-8, 9-12 and 13-18. This year’s contest was judged by Anne-Marie Thompson, an instructor in the English Department at Westminster College.

Ages 5-8

Where I’m From by Kaden Alleh (1st place)

I am from Legos,
from colors yellow, red, blue and black.
I am from matchbox cars.
I am from the engines,
That pretend to roar.
I am from Xbox,
The dragons and swords.

I am from chocolate milk.
I am from chocolate chip cookies,
That melt in my mouth.
I am from kitty cat,
And soft fur.

I am from rainbow.
I am from colors of orange, blue, red and purple.
I am from rain,
From warm and cold.

I am from the apple tree,
red, juicy apples.
I am from the branches,
Long, bending, swaying.

I am from the ocean.
I am from dolphins and sharks.
I am from the sand.
Hot beneath my feet.

I am from all these.
And much more.
I am from my family tree.

Where I Am From by Abram Tenney (2nd place)

I live in the country
We have dusty gravel roads
We walk in the woods
   Birds come to our bird feeder
The guineas eat ticks
The woodstove keeps us warm
We let our dog outside
   He runs around
I live in the country

I am from Family by James Badger (3rd place)

Love and care is really fair to me.
When I see my mom and me I scream with love.
For family you need to see that love and care is all that matters. Love and care is like your hair because it’s soft and friendly. So if you love your animals. That is love and family. Mom and Dad are really glad if they love you. That’s what family means. So all you folks listen up. This is what it means! Love and care is family!!!!!!!! So am I am family because I love Mom and Dad. Family is what brought me here. I wouldn’t be alive if there was no family. And again love and care is like your hair because it’s soft and friendly. Don’t you see that love and care is always what matters. So all the love in your heart if it came out there would not be any more love in you. Adapt for family. Family doesn’t want to come out. It stays it doesn’t give up because family loves you. And you love it. This is the sigh of  ♥ .

If you see this in your mind when you look at Mom or Dad you have family crawling inside you. And that family is always with you. Don’t worry if you think you don’t have family because everyone does. And don’t fear family it is just trying to help you. This is the saying of family to me. Love and care is like your hair because it’s soft and friendly.

Ages: 9-12

Where I am From… by Lacy Killian (1st place)

I am from the creek like a big blue winding snake. Rocks and pebbles, sticks and stones. I am from swimming in the fast current. I am from sand between my toes.

I am from the forest. Walking and more walking. I am from picking wildflowers and finding mushrooms. I am from where the tree’s arms touch the big open sky. The forest is my second home. The smell of fresh air, and leaves. I am from the excitement of climbing. I am from the forest.

I am from watching my great grandma sew. The needle goes in and out, in and out almost like water drops. She would mend torn jeans, she would make pillows. She taught me that you could do anything if you put your mind to it. I am from sitting on the bed watching great grandma sew.

I Am From by Devin Shrimpf (2nd place)

I am from the woods, the smell of fresh air, warm weather, the sound of running water, guns shooting, the sight of open fields and gravel roads. I am from the camo clothes all over my body out in a rocky cave, the site of sandstone brick. I am from the hard work of the scrap metal laying down on the ground, the hard work of cutting wood, the smell of cedar, the feel of sticky sap and the prickly leaves. I am from the football games, the sound people cheering for you and the whistle of the ball throwing. I am from the BBQ Saturdays, the smell of sauce on the steak, the sound of the meat sizzling. I am from the water in a pond, the sound of water rushing, the smell of fish frying. That is where I am from…

I am From by Sawyer Clem (3rd place)

I am from the Jayhawk fans who watch lots of games. I am from the mythical bird that is crimson, blue, and yellow. I am from the smell of chocolate, and watching Disney movies. I am from a face in the screen crying when the batteries run out, Playing video games while Mom and Dad watch TV. I am from family, watching movies with my dad, playing Scrabble with Mom, playing Life and Monopoly with everyone.

Magical Home by Megann Tenney (honorable mention)

Where I’m from,
birds are bright,
I pretend they’re peacocks and griffins.
Where I’m from,
to me, rains are smooth,
it sounds like talkative whispers.
At home,
my bed feels like a patch of grass,
or toadstools by a stream.

Ages: 13-18

Dreams by Garett Ballard (1st place)

I am from the night of jazz swaying, blues playing
  Nights in Louisiana.
I am from the world of vibrant colors and streaks of paint
  Splashed across the canvas
I am from the twirls and dances of the dancer’s swirls
  Around the stage
I am from long nights rehearsing my lines and character
  During long hours of the day
I am from the runs tacked on as the ball flies from
  The diamond
I am from the fancy parties and the penthouse
  Bathing in my suite
I am from the years of educating and teaching
  Young children of reading and math
I am from the laughter erupting from the people
  In the crowd, joke by joke
Yes, I am from the goals and dreams made of nothing from
  The men and women before me
Yes, I am from those nights of music, art, dance
  Drama, sports, riches, teaching, comedy,
And the dreams of men and women, girl and boy
  Anyone, everyone.

I Am From by Beth Barnhart (2nd place)

I am from Clint and Wendy, Clayton and Shirley, Don and Janice.
I am from the center of the great red, white and blue, where people are free, the weather often varies, and life is good.
I am from blacktop pavement, busy streets, traffic lights and the roar of passing vehicles.
I am from love, goals, kindness and morals, where hard work, determination and undying respect is as important as breathing.
I am from Saturday morning cartoons and a time where reality shows weren’t a trend and the lives of celebrities weren’t a part of life.
I am from long car rides as music radiates from the stereos, with your cares and worries blowing in the warm summer wind.
I am from laughter, hugs and smiles with a best friend who knows what you’re thinking before you even really know yourself.
I am from a special place and time that I am lucky to call all my own.  It could never be duplicated nor imitated.

Where I Am From by Scott Strough (3rd place)

I am from the woods,
  filled with natural life.
I am from the summer,
  a kid’s favorite companion.
I am from freedom,
  freedom to run and to play.
I am from the hay fields,
  where the sun and dust dominates.

I come from a town where squirrels abound,
  and the geese feel at home.
I come from a town,
  a town were the people are friendly.
I come from a town where friends are made,
  and where friends are friends for life.
I come from a town,
  a town where families love and prosper.

I live in a world full of hate,
  where despair seems king.
I live in a world where home is an idea.
  an idea of days gone by.
I live in a world dominated by politics,
  instead of dominated by common sense.
I live in a world where people stress about the lives of celebrities,
  more than they stress about their won shortcomings.

I am from a family,
  a family I love dearly.
I am from a passion,
  a passion for doing what is right.
I am from an understanding,
  an understanding of happiness and justice.
I am from a hope,
  a hope that good will once again prevail.

I don’t need easy; I just need possible! by Bethany Smart (honorable mention)

I am from John and Corrine, Richard and Helen, and Donald and Sharon.
From the rivers, hills, valleys, and towns in the middle-of-no-where-my-GPS-can’t-locate-you Missouri.
From farmers and hard workers where you have to give it all, from herds of cattle that are chocolates in a creamy vanilla snow, from scorching hot days where 98degrees is considered (and called) “a cold front.”
I am from a place where you know you’re in the sticks if entertainment is considered to be watching the highway trucks paint the neon gold median stripes and lines on the road, from another form of entertainment of high school football games where we scream and jump out of our seats at ever touchdown to the final seconds of that basketball game to hear that sweet “swish!” of a perfect nothing-but-net.  We put the “determine” in “determination.”
I am from a family of dedication and hard-workers where you take pride in what you do, from where it’s not 100%, but 120% that you give.
I am from a motto that sums me up in 8 simple words, “I don’t need easy; I just need possible!”
I am from a family who sticks together through thick and thin; perseverance is our middle name, from a family of whose get-togethers are as natural as the sun rising in the east; we are a close-knit family.
I am from a group of friends who are closer than 4 sisters could ever be.
I am from a place called home, where the sun sets and rises over clover-colored trees and casts every color in a Crayola box onto the crisp sky, from breathtaking beauty and laughs that occur each moment, or in simpler words, a place we call the country… home.

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