Downloading Free eBooks and Audiobooks From OverDrive

How to Find Ebooks on the Library’s New Sitephone with DBRL website, central menu bar open to "Download It"

Since we have just redesigned the DBRL website, some users have had questions about where to find ebooks. You can find links to all our digital service providers in the central green menu bar under “Download It” with the arrow symbol. You can also search for “ebooks,” “OverDrive” or “Hoopla” from any page and look for website search results in the righthand column (or below catalog results if you’re browsing on a phone). Digital items also appear in our main catalog, and you can borrow them via that channel, too.

open laptop showing library's OverDrive homepageThe New OverDrive

OverDrive, one of the library’s service providers for eBooks and downloadable audiobooks, has also just launched a new website. We thought we’d take this opportunity to outline the changes, give a refresher on how to use it and invite those not yet using the service to give it a try.

OverDrive’s main motivation for their update was to make the user experience simple and consistent whether you are accessing the service using a computer, a mobile device or using the app.

Changes in Appearance

screen shot detail of two ebooks on the OverDrive siteOverDrive has updated the icons for searching and account access. Click the magnifying glass (top of screen) to search by author, title or subject. Click the books icon (top right) to sign in with your library card and see what items you have borrowed, your holds, wish list and account settings.

You no longer have to hover over or tap on the cover image of a book to see the borrow/place a hold button. A link to “BORROW” or “PLACE A HOLD” now appears below the cover image and the format indicator for the title.

To see if a title is available to borrow, look for the new banners across the top of each book cover image that will say “AVAILABLE” or “WAIT LIST.”

Improvements to Borrowing

You can now sign into OverDrive with your library card, a separate OverDrive account or your Facebook account. Find more information about these options and which you might prefer on this OverDrive help page.

You can still choose your own default lending periods for eBooks and audiobooks in your account settings, but you can also extend or shorten a lending period for just one title (without changing the lending period for the whole format), from the title’s details page during check-out.

tablet showing library's OverDrive home pageHow to Use OverDrive

This service is only available to patrons in our designated service area. Please contact us if you have questions about our service area.

You will need your library card number and PIN (birthdate in the MMDDYYYY format). The software or app you need to use OverDrive varies depending on whether you plan to read or listen to books on a computer, e-reader, tablet or phone.

Visit OverDrive’s getting started page, and scroll down to select instructions for your device or computer, including Android tablets and smartphones, Apple devices like iPads and iPhones, Kindle e-readers and more.

Now you’re ready to search for your favorite ebooks and audiobooks from either or the OverDrive app!.

Visit OverDrive’s frequently asked questions page for more details about their site changes. You can also provide them with suggestions using their feedback page.

If you want more help, the library offers classes on downloading digital materials on a regular basis, or call (573) 443-3161 with questions.