Boone County Library Board President Linda Dellsperger

Boone County Library Board President Linda Dellsperger

Each trustee serves on his own district board as well as on the regional library board, which is the governing body responsible for policy-making and fiscal oversight. A contract binds our three member library districts into a regional system, allowing us to pool the resources of our whole region to give residents better service at lower cost.

Linda Dellsperger has served on the Boone County Library District Board since 2005. Born and raised in Wisconsin, the daughter of a Green Bay Packers player, Linda graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a degree in dietetics. Her career took her to Iowa City, where she lived for 27 years and volunteered with the library as a Friend and a member of the Foundation. Linda eventually served as a library board member for six years. She moved to Columbia with her husband and two sons in 2003. She enjoys playing golf, is a duplicate bridge player and started her own book group when she moved to town.

Why do you think libraries are important?
I believe that all citizens are entitled to free access to information. Our public libraries are the perfect institutions to provide that access. They are also central to many communities—places for groups to meet, many children’s first experience in learning, and a great place to pick up a good read or learn something new—all at no cost to the user.

What makes DBRL special?
The number one thing that makes this regional library system special is the people who work at the library. The staff is outstanding and does a fabulous job providing service to the public. I also happen to LOVE the building in Columbia and think it is quite a showpiece in the city.

What are you most proud of regarding the Boone County Library District?
I am most proud of the ability of DBRL to reach out to all of Boone County via the bookmobile, the southern Boone branch, and, of course, the virtual branch. We touch so many lives by the services we deliver through those venues as well as all the other outreach services we provide to the citizens. I’m also proud that we continue to deliver those services as well as add new ones in a very cost-effective manner, always working to be good stewards of the taxpayers’ money. I’m excited about some new services that will provide our users with better access in the coming year.

What challenges does DBRL face in the coming years?
Some of the big challenges that lie ahead deal with economies and growing population. The library has done an excellent job keeping ahead of the game in technology and providing users with up-to-date resources to fit the times. We are faced with a crowded situation at the Southern Boone County Public Library and will be evaluating that current space next year.

Do you have a favorite memory or story about libraries from your youth?
I have vivid memories of riding my bike to the local branch library in Green Bay. I was enamored with all the books and asked the librarians there to assist me in finding books that would interest me. I can also remember doing lots of research for term papers in high school at that branch library. We rarely went “downtown” to the main branch, but when we did, I was awed by the size and scope of the building.

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