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Works and Life

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Biodiversity & Human Origins

  • American Museum of Natural History – Hall of Human Origins
    The Hall of Human Origins is a permanent exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History.
  • “Beyond Stones & Bones”
    Cover story by Sharon Begley (March 19, 2007)
  • Darwin Digital Library of Evolution – American Museum of Natural History
    “The goal of this undertaking is to make the full literature of evolution available online within a historically and topically coherent structure. The work of Charles Robert Darwin is our pivot, but our framework includes the 17th century to the present and encompasses the history of evolution as a scientific theory with deep roots and broad cultural consequences.”
  • How do we know what we know?
    A web exhibit by the Exploratorium in San Francisco examining what the scientific process reveals about Human Origins.  Funded by the National Science Foundation, The Max Planck Institute and the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation.
  • Natural History Magazine – Special Issue
    Selections from a special issue of the magazine on Darwin & Evolution
  • Natural History Museum in London – Darwin Big Idea Exhibition
    Interactive Beagle voyage, biographical and other related information on Darwin.
  • Science
    Science is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species and the 200th anniversary of the author's birth with a variety of news features, scientific reviews and other special content, all collected here.
  • Science - Special Issue
    "In its 2 October 2009 issue, Science presents 11 papers, authored by a diverse international team, describing an early hominid species, Ardipithecus ramidus, and its environment. ... Science is making access to this extraordinary set of materials FREE (non-subscribers require a simple registration)."
  • Tree of Life Project
    “A collaborative effort of biologists from around the world … that “provides information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their evolutionary history … and characteristics.”

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Dissenting Views

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