Callaway County Public Library Parking Lot

Posted on: Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Please be advised that Daniel Boone Regional Library (“DBRL”) will accept bids, quotations or proposals (“Bids” or “Responses”), subject to the Instructions and General Conditions listed below and any Special Conditions set forth herein, for furnishing Daniel Boone Regional Library (DBRL) with repair the handicap parking lot spaces, applying a sealcoat, repairing cracks and professionally striping the parking lot located at 710 Court Street Fulton, Mo 65251. Note the bid must include sealing any cracks over X inch wide before applying sealer. Two coats of sealant will be required. One coat will need to be applied with a squeegee and the second coat will be sprayed on.
The slopes of the handicap parking lots need to be in compliance with ADA
requirements. The running and cross sloes of the handicap parking lot spaces cannot exceed the maximum allowable of two (2) percent see PHASE TWO instructions on attached drawings.

Please refer to the following documents:

CCPL Parking Lot RFP

13059 C0.01 10-19-15

13059 C1.01 10-19-15

13059 C1.02 10-19-15

13059 C3.01 10-19-15

13059 C3.02 10-19-15

13059 C4.01 10-19-15