We Need Your Help to Purchase a Book Rover

Raised: $125,050

Goal: $170,000

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What is the Book Rover?

The Book Rover is a custom cargo vehicle. It comes equipped with book shelves lining the inside, and a lift ramp that will allow library staff to transport book carts of materials into various locations.

Why does the library need a Book Rover?

It’s become difficult for child care centers to transport children to the library. A vehicle of this size and convenience will be the key to taking the library to them.

Children, often in underserved communities, spend their days in child care and now may never make it to the library. Making sure these children have access to books and other great programming is critical for their school-readiness skills.

Long-term research shows that students who are not proficient readers by the third grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school than proficient readers. We need to make sure these children can read!

Where will the Book Rover go?

Initially, Book Rover will visit child care centers in the Columbia, Ashland and Fulton city limits. As time and staffing allow, the Book Rover’s reach will expand to include other audiences.

How will my gift help?

The cost of this special, new program vehicle is approximately $170,000.

The library’s operating budget is primarily funded through property taxes. However, when it comes to large, new projects, we need to ask for private donations to ensure the library’s day-to-day operations aren’t negatively impacted.

Your gift to the DBRL Foundation is tax-deductible and will help get the Book Rover on the road to preschoolers who need this critical service. Make your secure online donation today, or contact Melia Douglass at mdouglass@dbrl.org or (573) 443-3161.