2015 Missouri Building Block: Oh So Brave Dragon

Oh So Brave Dragon book coverDragons are fierce and mighty and SCARY- or are they? The lovable red dragon in David Kirk’s “Oh So Brave Dragon” is the scared one. Afraid of what terrible beasts might lurk in the woods, the dragon roars his loudest roar. Frightened by the ferocious sound he hears, the dragon bands with the little forest animals to roar back and scare the beasts away.  Only the little yellow bird and the readers recognize that there is no monster; little dragon is making the entire ruckus and scaring himself. This is NOT a quiet read. Your young ones will be roaring along in no time.

While your ears may be ringing, the perk is how smoothly this book leads to conversations about fears, monsters and turning to others for help. The author’s website will help you take these conversations further with several simple art activities.

Still craving more?

Check out the Missouri Library Associations official “Oh So Brave Dragon” activity page and Pinterest board.

Remember to help your child vote for his or her favorite Missouri Building Block Picture Book after you have read five or more titles.