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Adventure Through Space With Comics and Graphic Novels

CasStronautsAccording to the Scholastic “Guide to Using Graphic Novels With Children and Teens,” there are four ways through which graphic novels promote literacy. Graphic novels:

  • Are motivating: Because they are visually compelling and quick reads, these books are popular with kids, teens and adults.
  • Attract reluctant readers: Graphic novels tend to attract those who prefer gaming or visual media, getting even the most reluctant audiences interested.
  • Develop reading skills: The pictures and illustrations in graphic novels give context clues to the words, helping kids improve reading skills and comprehension.
  • Build critical thinking skills: Graphic novels can provide complex plot lines that allow readers to stretch their minds, predicting outcomes and solving mysteries. 

DBRL has a number of comics and graphic novels for all age groups to dive into. Our Summer Reading program’s theme, “A Universe of Stories,” generates a lot of fun titles!

For more graphic novel titles for young readers check out the American Library Association’s website!