Animal Pal Crafts

Summer Reading is here, and we are celebrating all things with tails! Below are two fun crafts to create at home to celebrate summer.

Clothespin Animals

clothespin animals

You’ll need clothespins and these animals.

  1. Cut out the animals you would like to use. (You can use crayons or markers to color them, if you’d like!)
  2. Glue the animals on the clothespins so that the animal’s mouth is on the closed end of the clothespin.
  3. When the glue is dry, open and close the clothespin to make your animal talk!

Turtle Pals

turtle pals

You’ll need 3 craft sticks, yarn and markers or paint

  1. Using hot glue (with adult supervision) or Elmer’s school glue, glue two craft sticks in an x pattern. Let it dry. Glue the 3rd stick cutting through the x. let it dry
  2. Use a marker or paint to color the glued sticks.
  3. Hold the sticks in one hand. Use your thumb to hold one end of the yarn against the center of the sticks. Wrap the yarn diagonally around the sticks 10 times in one direction.
  4. Then shift to the next stick over. Wrap the yarn 10 times again. Repeat this until you’ve gone all the way around. This will be the center of the turtle’s shell.
  5. Next, you’ll make the rest of the shell. To do this, take the yarn and go under one stick, wrap the yarn around over the top and then under the next stick. The turtle’s shell will get bigger the more you weave around!
  6. When the turtle’s shell reaches out as far as you’d like it, cut off the yarn and tie it off on one of the sticks.
  7. Use a fine tipped marker to draw a face on your turtle. Whichever side looks best to you can be the top of the turtle. 

If you are a visual learner, please check out this YouTube video. It covers the basics of how to weave the turtle’s shell and even suggests some alternative ways to make the turtle.