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Author Feature: Chris Ferrie

Inspiring young readers to become future scientists is quite the feat to tackle. Science books come in all shapes and sizes, from books filled with science experiments to glossy images of the animal kingdom. However, these aren’t made with the youngest kids in mind. One of my favorite writers of science books, Chris Ferrie, writes books for babies that approach difficult subjects in bite-sized amounts.

Who is Chris Ferrie?

  • A senior professor at the University of Technology Sydney and the Centre for Quantum Software and Information
  • A PhD in Applied Mathematics from the Institute for Quantum Computing and University of Waterloo
  • A father of four children

Ferrie knows that babies are naturally little scientists. Everything is new, everything must be studied and understood. That’s why Ferrie books are among my favorites—they take the imaginative, fun structure of the board book and bring in the expansive knowledge of the universe to make a cute, fun introduction material to the scientific world.

ABCs of Biology - Ferrie, Chris

Nuclear Physics for Babies - Ferrie, Chris

ABCs of Physics - Ferrie, Chris

Quantum Computing for Babies - Ferrie, Chris


ABCs of Biology
From anatomy to zoology, Ferrie attempts to give young readers just a small amount of biology that will definitely inspire more curiosity. Each page of this fun board book comes with illustrations and a small explanation of the topic that matches the letter of the page.

ABCs of Mathematics
For some, it may be a relief that Ferrie focuses on ideas of math rather than math problems. Everything in this book is already solved! It introduces addition, division, hypotenuses and more!

ABCs of Physics
Similar to the “ABCs of Biology,” this book dives into buzzwords about physics, including atoms, black holes, fusion and gravity.

ABCs of Space
This alphabet book deals with the wonders of the universe: galaxies, asteroids, dark matter, you name it! It has familiar pictures of the stars, the moon and the sun, but also includes diagrams to explain the science behind space.

Nuclear Physics for Babies
This books depicts this process of nuclear decay through colorful images and simple diagrams. It sounds daunting, but Ferrie keeps the pace nice and slow.

Quantum Computing for Babies
Think your little one might want to explore the field of computer science someday? Then this book might be a great starting point. It takes a vast concept and delivers it into a small form.

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