2015 Missouri Building Blocks: Bear Sees Colors

Book cover for Bear Sees ColorsThe Building Block nomineeBear Sees Colors” by Karma Wilson allows readers accompany Bear and Mouse on a beautiful stroll through the forest. Along the way they visit their furry friends and discover some of the dazzling colors that nature has to offer. The vivid and charming illustrations practically burst from the pages, and the look-and-find aspect encourages children to thoroughly examine the book to find the colors Bear and Mouse are focusing on.

After you share “Bear Sees Colors,” try out these simple activities with your children.

Find the Color

  • Select a color and look around your house or yard for objects in that color.
  • Each time you see something in that color, write it down.
  • Once you have 10 things on your paper, start another color and repeat.

Color Bingo

  • Make a bingo board by dividing a sheet of paper into nine rectangle sections. Color each section a different color.
  • Color nine index cards the same colors as the game board.
  • As you draw color cards at random, say the color name. Your child can mark that space on the game board with dry beans, dry corn or paper.
  • When they get three in a row, they win!

Want to read more books about colors? Explore these books with you kids.

Book cover for Freight TrainDog’s Colorful Day: a Messy Story about Colors and Counting” by Emma Dodd

Mix It Up!” by Hervé Tullet

Mouse Paint” by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes” by Eric Litwin

Freight Train” by Donald Crews

Remember to help your child vote for his or her favorite Missouri Building Block Picture Book after you have read five or more titles.