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Beep Beep! Transportation iPad Apps

Trucks! Cars! Cranes! Ambulances! Cement mixers! Monster trucks! Bulldozers! Firetrucks!

I feel like every child goes through a “vehicle” phase, in one way or another. Mine consisted of building pillow mountains that “avalanched” onto my toy train set. Kids love emergency vehicles, construction site vehicles, school buses and more!

Why not do some vehicle-watching with these fun library-approved iPad apps?

Vroom Vroom!

Trucks HD - by Duck Duck Moose on the App Store“Trucks HD” by Duck Duck Moose
Intended Age Range: 4+

Click here to find it in the App Store: Free!

“Trucks HD” includes 5 mini games that the user is in control of. There are traffic lights where the user can choose for the cars to go, slow down or stop. There is another where a sharp object puts a hole in a tire and the user must help replace it. Definitely a life simulation game with some small quirks to keep children entertained. Users can play and explore with all kinds of trucks and other vehicles in the town!

Fire Truck on the App Store

“Fire Truck” by Good Glue
Intended Age Range: 4+

Click here to find it in the App Store: $0.99

There are very few directions for this app. It is an exploratory app for fire truck enthusiasts. I was not sold on it at first, until it helped me assist in putting out a fire. There was not a lot of engagement up until that point, but then it became more fun, especially for the fire truck enthusiast in your life as they go out with the fire truck and help people.

Goodnight, Construction Site on the App Store

“Goodnight, Construction Site” by Sherri Duskey Rinker
Intended Age Range: 4+

Click here to find it in the App Store: $3.99

This version of “Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site” follows along with the book. It is either read to the user or the user can read it themselves. Unlike other digital story book apps, it does not have spots to interact. Instead, if images are tapped, they will tell you the type of truck. I think this is especially fun for teaching vocabulary.

Trucks - Byron Barton on the App Store

“Trucks – Byron Barton” by Oceanhouse Media
Intended Age Range: 4+

Click here to find it in the App Store: $1.99

This app is a narrated version of Byron Barton’s book, “Trucks.” Barton wrote many books on vehicles, so children often recognize his books. Throughout this app, the pages coming to life with trucks on moving on highways, into tunnels, across bridges and more. The narrator reads the text to the user and if the user taps any part of the image, the narrator will name the object.