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Best Children’s Books of 2019

It’s that time of year again! The DBRL youth services staff have come up with a list of the best of the best children’s books that came out this year. Make sure to check out these awesome titles and comment below with your favorite books of 2019!

I Will Be Fierce book cover

I Will Be Fierce” written by Bea Birdsong, illustrated by Nidhi Chanani
Our young narrator takes us through her day faced with many challenges, such as standing up to a table full of bullies and feeling confident in her work. Throughout the day, she encourages herself to be confident, reach further, be kinder and stand tall by saying to herself, “Today, I will be fierce!”

Be a Maker book cover

Be A Maker” written by Katey Howes, illustrated by Elizabet Vukovic
The detailed illustrations in this book about creating kept my toddler and I talking night after night for over a month!

B is for Baby book cover

B Is for Baby” written by Atinuke, illustrated by Angela Brooksbank
I love how many rare “B” words this book introduces. My toddler loves that she can retell the story all by herself.

Here and There book cover

Here and There by Tamara Ellis Smith, illustrated by Evelyn Daviddi
This story is told from the point of view of young Ivan, who is learning to accept the changes that occurred when his parents separated. I especially like the way the bright, hip illustrations complement and add to the narrative. Ivan learns that the things he loves are all around him and not only in one location.

The Remarkable Inventions of Walter Mortinson
This book has a goth/steampunk vibe but it is so much more, combining beauty, romance, death and grief in a dreamlike tale. The characters are all multifaceted, and I love Walter and Cordelia, the awkward almost thirteen-year-olds. The inventions are fantastic and the towns remind me of the Wizard of Oz books or “Gulliver’s Travels.” This book made me laugh, smile and, yes, sob. I totally did not expect this from a first novel. This book is not part of a series and would make an excellent gift for a young teen.
Homerooms and Hall Passes book cover
Homerooms & Hall Passes” by Tom O’Donnell
This hilarious book follows five brave adventurers who become trapped in their own role-playing game. The twist is that their game is Homerooms & Hall Passes, a tabletop game based on a suburban middle school. Though the barbarian, wizard, elf, thief and paladin all excel at gym class, they might just fail Algebra 1 and lose the game…and possibly their lives? Filled with sarcastic humor and Dungeons & Dragons references, this book is a must-read for gamers of all ages.
Red House Tree House Little Bitty Brown Mouse book cover
Red House, Tree House, Little Bitty Brown Mouse” written by Jane Godwin, illustrated by Blanca Gomez
This is a sweet rhyming book about an itty bitty mouse learning her colors. The whole book is pretty great, but for me the highlight is the page featuring ice cream with sprinkles, which is always the best!
Little Taco Truck book cover
Little Taco Truck” by Tanya Valentine, illustrated by Jorge Martin
The titular little taco truck is living his best life until other food trucks try to take over his curb. Will there be enough room for all the food trucks to peacefully coexist? You’ll have to read it to find out! Warning—this book will make you want takeout!
A Normal Pig book cover
A Normal Pig” by K-Fai Steele
“A Normal Pig” celebrates diversity in a lighthearted way. The whimsical illustrations are full of fun details, and the story is perfect for reminding kids about the value of differences.
Because book cover
Because” written by Mo Willems, illustrated by Amber Ren, composed by Hilary Purrington
This book gives me chills every time I read it. All it takes is one song to change a person and one person to change the whole world. This story is diverse and ties into cause and effect while showing how our actions and choices can resonate through time.
The Moon Within book cover
The Moon Within” by Aida Salazar
Cultural diversity, LGBTQ, music, dance, body positivity, strong female role models and all written in verse! Fantastic read for any tween learning how to find their place in the world while going through life’s changes.
The Little Guys book cover
The Little Guys” by Vera Brosgol
The Little Guys have strength in numbers. Though they are small, what happens when their collective might goes unchecked? In this mischievous and humorous picture book, Caldecott Honoree Vera Brosgol illustrates a story of community and forgiveness.
Stormy book cover

Stormy” by Guojing
This is an absolutely gorgeous wordless picture book about a small pup without a home and a human who earns his trust, and, ultimately, his love. Be prepared with some tissues⁠—”Stormy” is exquisitely heartwrenching.

Roar Like a Dandelion book cover

ROAR Like a Dandelion” written by Ruth Krauss , illustrated by Sergio Ruzzier
This is a playful ABC sentence book. Adults will enjoy the “important” and fun nonsense. It’s nice to have a posthumous book from Krauss, and her clever words will delight her readers.
Ping book cover
Ping” by Ani Castillo
This book has a realistically fun view of how what we share with others (pings) can be reciprocated (pongs) in many different ways⁠—and not always how we may need or want it to be. “Ping” gives a gentle reminder to carefully consider what you send out in the world, and make sure to listen to pongs!