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Read-Alouds to Warm Your Heart

This weeks showcasing of Building Block contenders includes fabulous books with animal characters! Wrap up in a cozy blanket, snuggle your pets and kiddos close and get ready to learn about these great reads.
The Rabbit Listened, Hello Hello and Can I be Your Dog are three animal picture books that promise to please!

The Rabbit Listened” By Cori Doerrfeld

Taylor has built the best block tower ever, only to see it crash before his eyes. Different animals parade across the pages offering solutions to help Taylor feel better. Chicken wants to talk, Bear suggests shouting and getting angry, Elephant demands they fix the tower immediately! Taylor, sadly, does not feel like doing any of those things. Thankfully, an understanding Rabbit comes to Taylor’s aid and simply listens. Cori Doerrfeld shows the magical power of listening and empathy through this simple yet beautiful picture book. This is a must read for teaching children how to cope with their big emotions. The book also provides a powerful reminder for caregivers, sometimes simply sitting with and listening to your child is all they need.

Hello Hello” By Brendan Wenzel

Animals leap off the pages in bright colors and patterns in Hello Hello.

If your child loves the zoo, learning about animals or is a budding scientist, “Hello Hello” by author-illustrator Brendan Wenzel is sure to please! Bright colors and rich textures fill the pages as Wenzel introduces over 90 animals to young readers. Little ones say hello to the bare-necked umbrellabird, whale shark, rainbow agana and more! The back of the book contains a helpful index with the animal’s names in order of appearance⁠—a great learning aid that makes this book a timeless educational tool. Many animals featured are endangered, near threatened or part of vulnerable populations. Wenzel suggests that learning about these animals is the first step to helping them!

Can I Be Your Dog?” By Troy Cummings

Arfy wants a home to call his own, maybe he should write a letter!

I might be biased, but this book is my favorite on this years nominee list. Picture books with cute puppies are too adorable to pass up! Troy Cummings weaves together a heart-wrenching story featuring Arfy the homeless pup. Arfy is just a good ol’ dog in search of a home. To conduct his search, he sends letters to folks across town asking if he can be their dog. Letter after letter turns Arfy away. How can the fire department and junk yard not have any openings for such a good boy? Finally, Arfy receives a letter of his own⁠—a happy one! Who will Arfy belong to? Read to find out! This book is fabulous read aloud, as it is written in epistolary format. Each letter is typed in different fonts, lending the book to be read with a variety of voices and tones. Kids will be on the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens to their favorite dog!

Once you have read at least five Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award nominees, help your child vote for their favorite. Voting is open to children in kindergarten and younger and goes through December. The winner will be announced in February. Will your favorite book win?

Happy Reading!